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Medical Academy for Science & Technology (MAST) Reviews

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Medical Academy for Science and Technology is a very good school. The teachers here are very good. They expect the very best out of their students but they give help when you need it.
I am currently a senior at MAST. I have had a great four years, but sometimes feel like I am missing out on traditional high school experiences. However, the school is very receptive to student, and especially parent, feedback.
M.A.S.T@Homestead is a great school. It is a very good magnet program. It is mostly associated with Health Careers. It is a very hands-on school, which helps the students get experience and familiarize themselves with it. The school is a clean, safe facility. It is very modern and high tech, which helps the students in their studies. The teachers are very kind and understanding. They will help you until you get the material. You can easily go up to them and ask them for help and they kindly will assist you. This is why M.A.S.T has high scores on exams. It has many clubs that you can join. When the school says they are preparing you for college, they mean it. They have many D.E and Ap courses you can take. Overall, M.A.S.T@Homestead is an excellent school.
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The academics of the school allows students to progress in their educational skills. In my personal experience, I excelerated my writing skills and was capable of writing essays back-to-back. The teachers have provided us the correct and informal curriculum and incorporated a fun way of learning. Their academics make me feel ready for college.
I really like how MAST@Homestead cares about our future and helps us step by step along the way. The staff and teachers encourage us to take AP classes and Dual Enrollment classes. The environment is clean and safe, always. The principal is always involved with us students and is our "biggest cheerleader". I really like how on top she is with keeping the school safe by reminding us to wear our IDs at all times and keeping the uniform code intact at all times. The one thing I'm upset about is how we have no sports. Although I am not a sports person, I do like watching some and cheering them on.
MAST is a good high-school academically but lacks the balance of social interaction and extracurricular activities.
My experience was positive as it really did prepare me for college. The rigorous course load is indeed rigourous but if you can handle it then college will be a breeze. There were a lot of opportunities but the school tended to over promise in experiences.
Overall mast is pretty great school. The teacher are okay some are all lilttle harder than normal and some well are a lilttle to easy and you won’t really learn. But it prepared me 100% for college.
Most students will tell you that MAST Homestead either is to strict, sucks, or gives to much homework, but this is then opposite. From my 3 years in MAST I can say these student or parents are wrong. First off the bat MAST does not suffer from gang violence or any gang activity at all compared to other schools in its surrounding area, furthermore fights are a rare occurrence. When it comes to academics MAST is at least a step ahead in other schools academic requirements demand you already have taken one year of high school science and math before entering the school. In fact all classes offered are honors, and even after you complete the required amount for dade schools in order to get your M.A.S.T diploma you must continue taking science and math courses for all 4 years.
MAST is a very competitive school that is focused on medicine. It has great teachers that ensure the students’ success on AP exams and EOC’s as well as the SAT or ACT. I would like to see more sports and free time from the academics.
Mast is a great school with many opportunities but due to how new it is it does not have a lot thing a lot of older school would have, such as sports or license of CNA or LPN like Robert Morgan does when graduating .
I really enjoyed going to MAST @ Homestead and I feel like because of them I am now ready to go into college without fear. They put us all into a mindset that will help us be the best we can and make something good out of everything. What I would really like to see change about MAST @ Homestead is the iMed Academy. They promised us so many things that we didn't get. They also couldn't give us an academy teacher for 3 years straight. They should have made the first graduating iMed class a big deal, but they didn't. I really like this school and how well it functioned, but give iMed a better look.
I only went for 2 years but, I had a blast the teachers were engaging and the curriculum was fantastic.
Overall, it was a very beneficial high school to attend and did well in preparing me for college. It lacked in certain areas pertaining to a students social life; particularly the lack of sports, and intense emphasis on academics. It left too little time to make friends or start clubs. But, because of the intense emphasis on academics and certain life skills pertaining to the work force, I am well prepared to handle most challenges that I will be faced with in my near future.
I love my school. I just love the thought that I can experience parts of the medical field early rather than waiting for college. Although it's a tough, rigorous school I feel like I have learned a lot. I'm makimg friends who has the same interest as me. I'm learning from teachers who have experienced the medical field. My school is just a welcoming environment, we do many fun activities such as homecoming, saber fest and more. Although I wish that there was less homework and stress I feel like this is the school where I can find myself and belong.
What I like the most about (MAST) is the curriculum which students, like myself, are placed into. We partake in rigorous courses that allow for us to excel in science and math. (MAST), overall, never fails to reward their hardworking students by organizing fun activities as a way to cool off after a long year fulfilled with hard work.
My experience as MAST@Homestead has been nothing short of impeccable. I absolutely feel in love with my academy and the overall environment of my school. The small "everyone knows everyone" feeling I got the minute I stepped foot in the door warmed my heart.
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The fact that I was being challenged academically is something that impressed me and that makes me feel prepared for college.
I much enjoyed the diversity of the school. Students of all walks of life were integrated into multi-dimensional classrooms with learning opportunities for every learning style. The facility was completely new when I transferred there, and I was given every opportunity to succeed as a part of the first graduating class of MAST. This allowed me much room for personal growth, and challenged me to seize every opportunity of leadership in extra-curricular activities. I developed strong interpersonal skills and a lot of confidence as a result of my time at MAST. I feel those characteristics made me successful in college, and will continue to help me as I pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
Various clubs to choose from considering the school mainly focuses on medicine. Administration could take part more in more important school activities. The food is not particularly great and could improve greatly.
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