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Mediapolis High School Reviews

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I loved the school it was very nice. I felt welcomed. I learned a lot. The teachers were very motivating and they really wanted to see their students succeed. They worked with you when you needed help. They were willing to go the extra mile for you when you needed help.
There is a super amount of sports, clubs, community service and fine arts available for all to participate.
So far my high school experience has been tremendous.
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Our teachers do a great job. They work diligently to satisfy the needs of the students and the community.
Overall, I really enjoyed attending Mediapolis High School. Compared to schools in the area, it has great academics AND athletics. The best of both worlds!
For the most part the food was okay, but if someone were vegan, vegetarian, or had a dietary restriction the food would be almost inedible for them. My senior year I didn't get lunch at all because it wasn't worth the money, and it was too unhealthy for my taste.
Our new principal (he started my senior year) did a great job starting one-on-one interactions with the students who he noticed missed classes, or were struggling academically. I really think it helped a lot of kids realize that their success matters.
Our school takes great pride in our athletics, and the community is very involved as well. The majority of funds goes to the athletic programs and has helped fund the new track/soccer/football field complex.
For the most part, teachers genuinely cared about student success. However, there were a few teachers who were very condescending and made learning miserable.
Most fine arts clubs/organizations (speech, drama, music, non-athletic) did not receive enough funding to adequately provide the programs with good quality activities.
I felt that our school was so focused on athletics during my senior year that it lost sight of it's academic purpose.
We have really good resources and facilities at Mediapolis. The school is in good condition and we have good facilities. We have a new weight room that is less than 10 years old. Our auditorium is also relatively new. Mediapolis is really good about being up to date with the newest technology. We have people who are at the school specifically for that. There are many online classes offered through a community college that lots of high school students take. It is very helpful going into college and already having credits done.
I think the academics at Mediapolis are very good. I think they are set higher than other surrounding schools. The curriculum at Mediapolis seems to be tougher than that of other schools. The workload is sometimes tough, but you'll have that anywhere. I find the scheduling process to not be too difficult. We have a great counselor who knows what she's doing and is willing to help students figure everything out. I'm not sure about special study options, but I'm sure there are people available for that if a student needs it.
If there are problems at school with students, they usually go to the office with some administrator. I've never had this experience, so I really am not sure what goes on. As far as dress code, the school doesn't really do much about that. Even though they probably should. Bullying is said to be not tolerated, but I've seen it done while in school. If attendance gets out of hand, I know that parents are contacted.
Most of the teachers at Mediapolis are great. They know what they are talking about and their different teaching styles help students learn. However, the high school lacks good math teachers. I think the teachers know how to do the particular things, they just can't teach it very well. I think most of the teachers sincerely care about all of the students.
The cafeteria was located in the gym. Janitors set up tables in there for lunch everyday. There was a a variety of different foods every day. They had a main course, a few different salads to choose from, and different sides. I think the food was somewhat healthy. It wasn't the worst it could be, but probably not the best either. I'm not familiar with the special dietary accommodations because I never had any. There was also "Ala Cart" where snacks were sold in the lunch room to students.
I think student involvement is very good. There are different kinds of programs and lots of students in them. I never saw much peer pressure or acceptance issues. I feel that mostly everyone at that school was okay friends with everyone else. There wasn't much ethnic diversity, so there weren't many challenges with that.
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I felt very safe at school. Bullying wasn't a huge problem and there was a school cop that was there most of the time. The nurse is fantastic! I'm not sure about the different health programs available other than physical education classes. I think Mediapolis is a very safe school. Not much to worry about!
Athletics are a big part of Mediapolis. Student involvement is great, almost all of the sports teams have winning records and the school spirit is really good. Fan support is incredible, especially when it comes to the big games where you need them. Facilities are available and very nice.
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Great people!
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