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Teachers are very involved and genuinely care for their students. Very close knit and supportive community.
I read earlier that someone's stepson has attended MACCS since 6th grade and is in the 8th grade. He complained that his child doesn't know a lot of things. Too bad. My child has gone to MACCS for years, through middle school and into high school. In that time, I have learned that a student gets out of MACCS what he/she is willing to put into it. They are given the freedom to explore research-based projects (and also the accountability for their outcomes). My child learned a lot because she owned her learning., and because teachers helped her a lot as facilitators. On another note, the teacher he claimed lets kids "goof off" absolutely does not. My daughter spoke of this teacher as one of the kindest, warmest and compassionate influences she'd ever had, and as a parent, I enjoyed my interactions with all of the teachers. Main point here ... MACCS is a school for kids who are discoverers and who are responsible workers, and they learn a lot there.
My stepson is currently in 8th grade here and has been here since 6th. So far, I do not feel that he is being given age-appropriate material. The core classes (Math, Science, Language Arts) are seriously lacking... I am astonished at the amount of information he doesn't know, but should. And I understand that the focus is on Media Arts, but I don't even see him being taught a large amount of information in those areas either. One of his teachers is incredibly inappropriate, lets the kids goof off on the computer, shows YouTube videos, and makes really inappropriate jokes. The school staff is very small, and so if there is one bad teacher, the kids are stuck with them year after year. I would not recommend this school, and my stepson will be attending a different high school. I will say this... he does love the kids that go to the school. Because it is such a small school, everyone knows everyone, and bullying is not tolerated.
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Throughout my high school experience, I have met the best friends of my life and have consistently been challenged and engaged by open-minded, talented, funny, supportive teachers and staff. Media Arts is very welcoming to different students of all backgrounds who may have had trouble finding acceptance in a more traditional public school. Because of its small size, there is much more of a sense of community than you would find elsewhere. However, I would say that in my senior year the culture particularly within my own grade has moved away from the openness and all-inclusivity of earlier years; although I feel more estranged from my peers, the teachers have continued their excellent performances. One other thing I would critique would be the attitudes of my principle, who has a history of subjecting some of my friends to unfair scrutiny based on unfounded or overblown judgements of character.
Most of my teachers emphasize engaging discussion and project-based curriculums within intimate, accepting classroom settings. I have built strong relationships with them over my four years of high school, and continuously come to them for constructive feedback. They all exhibit a passion for teaching and are vastly knowledgeable in their respective fields.
Since this is a very small charter school there is not an actual cafeteria. Instead the cafeteria was designated in the biggest room. During lunch time they purchased pizza from the local dions down the street and sold slices. They also ordered food from a cafeteria and had it delivered to the school. The food was very poor and did not have very much nutritional value.
The administration and policies at this school were typical. There is no dress code that the students need to follow. There is only one guidance counselor to talk with. The office staff were very helpful and knowledgable. The policies were normal of a typical public school.
Overall the teachers were consistent and knowledgeable in their teaching styles and grading. The reason that I gave this category a smaller rating is because of the few teachers who didn't care if the students actually learned the material. Although most teachers cared about the students and wanted what was best for them. There was good communication between the teachers and students. The biggest problem was with a couple teachers not knowing what they were doing and thinking that they did know. This was only the case untill they were replaced. Most teachers were good overall.
There were a few different extracurricular oportunities at this school. These extra opportunities were not very organized though. This is because the school is much smaller, so there are not that many teachers to really get involved with different extracurricular activities.
The school was focused mainly on the media arts. With that being said, the attention to the core curriculums were not there. I was able to learn many great things regarding digital photography, digital filmaking, and graphic design. The name of the school makes it clear that thus is the case because it focuses on the media arts. Unfortunately I was really unprepared in most all other core fields except english composition. This is only because I was in the AP english class. If you want to learn about the basic's in media arts than this is the place to go, otherwise, if you want to gain a solid foundation in the core classes try another school.
The teachers and staff are helpful, there's some very special teachers there can really guide you and inspire you, it's really up to the student if they want it or not.
That's my favorite part of this school, the diversity
Like I said, this school taught me a lot of things that I'm still applying to my "grown up" life.
This school tought me a lot about my creative side and critical thinking methods, definately set me up for the real world.
For a charter school the actual building is pretty average. However, as far as technology goes, the school has done a wonderful job of providing the students with all sorts of quality equipment to let us experiment with different media art mediums.
The staff are all pretty friendly and helpful, generally. However, the principle can be very intimidating, and overly controlling.
The school does not offer very much variety, and everyone I've talked to always opts for the salad or pizza because they are too scared to try the hot meals.
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Guidance counselor is helpful to parents and students.
Freshman take P.E., but there aren't a lot of other opportunities.
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