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Medgar Evers College Preparatory School Reviews

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Great school with several academic opportunities and college readiness programs for students. Some problems include disorganization at times and overcrowding.
The best thing about MECPS is the arrange of classes it has to offer to its students. As someone planning to become involved in STEM when I go off to college, Medgar Evers College Prep does well in providing me with the experience I need in a variety of courses, ranging from life and physical sciences, to mathematics and computing sciences. However, the organization of the school is very poor, and I'd like to see the staff and faculty improve their communication with the students and access to resources.
This school pushes you to your limit and to do your best. They offer and give you many rigorous courses. They offer nearly every AP course that exists, college classes, and a program to graduate with your associates degree in biology. The passing rate for tests in this school is very high.
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this school was ok i defiantly felt it can be way better though the acamdies are fine but the problem is the lack of diverse amount of students that will make anyone who isnt African American an outcast because of the school constisting of nearly 90% african American for example i feel im the only person withnin that school that is my culture the school is great for anyone who strives to be great and loves acamedic however if they arent african they might feel like a outcast they arent any bullies in the school though which is good and some people do talk to people also anthor problem with the school is the shedule this school has extended hours {8-3:38} which is not only extremely exhausting but also encourages students to skip class especially when they feel like a outcast
I find Medgar Evers to be a place where one can thrive if they want. Academics is taken very seriously at this school nearly competitively. The issue is if you are not concerned about you, no one else will be.
The teachers clearly enjoy their work. There are a lot of Advanced Placement courses to take and a college program where you can take college courses and graduate with an associates degree. There is no auditorium and the gym has to be shared with the college next door.
Medgar offered a plethora of academic opportunities for its students. The teachers were very knowledgeable in their respected subject areas. The only downside was that the school was extremely unorganized.
This school was a life - changing experience experience because I was able to let go of all the stereotypes I had against African Americans. I peacefully coexisted with them in class and became their friend.
Medgar Evers is a great school in which children are able to get a great education. It has AP courses, a college program which gives students the opportunity to obtain their associates degree before their high school diplomas. They, however, are a bit limited in sports so if your child wants to do one, they should join a club team. They can also be unorganized.
My 1st year of college was amazing and impressed with the classes. I cant wait until the fall classes to work harder for my associated degree.
The burst of cultures and diversity was the breeding ground for intellectuals. During my time here I was constantly challenged academically by both the staff and my peers and it made me a better student as it prepared me for college.
I've been attending MECPS since the 6th grade and never had any major problems. The organization in the administration could use some improvement in terms of dealing with report card distribution, transcript updates, and largely class schedule changes. Other than that, it prepares you for college and will give you everything you need to get a well-rounded education and proceed to the country's top colleges.
I would like to see Administration more involved and helping the students. Also, the students need a gym and auditorium to space out.
What I like about Medgar is that they have a college program that lets you complete two years of college while attending high school classes. This helps students with college readiness. The teachers are very involved with students education especially with hands on learning. There extra curricular activities include clubs, student government organizations and sports. There were also trips to local museums and a program where students can take college tours and learn about the financial aid process. Overall this school helps students get ready for life in the future.
Medgar Evers College Preparatory High School strictly focuses on developing a student academically, and mentally ready for College. Their drive and motivation to help students in the College process enables the student body to acknowledge the importance of their education and future. However, Medgar Evers College Preparatory High School lacks in standard programming skills.
I enjoyed a high regard for college readiness and student maturity at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School (MECPS), however the school hasn't had a gym for approximately the past six and a half years that I have been going there.
This is a well rounded school that prepares students for the rigors of college. Academically this is a school that should make your list for enrollment. If you're . interested in playing sports, the school offers Volleyball, Soccer, Track and Field, Basketball, and Swimming. Duly noted this school is competitive and pushes you to be the best you can be.
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This school is great for preparing you for college because they offer college classes at the nearby university in the area, but in order to be eligible to take these classes, your grades really have to be up to par. They do not hand out the opportunity to everyone.

Many teachers and staff are great, others are rude or lazy. There is no in-between. I would only recommend this school because they really get you ahead in academics, and it's also great for basketball and track and field. Other than that, many things need to be improved.
This is definitely a school to reference any Caribbean parent to. Students excel in learning at this school and graduate with associates degrees and more. This school can be very unorganized at times but it always gets better. If college is not an option for your child, send him/her to Medgar.
Liked the college readiness of the school and the overall culture. The school can improve on the facilities and promoting better safety for the kids when in the school's neighborhood.
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