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Medford Vocational Technical High School Reviews

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My experience at Medford Vocational Technical High School was amazing. I was able to not only get a high school diploma I also received a certificate for my trade.
My experience at medford vocational technical high school wasn't the best overall. The teachers are for the most part nice, the environment itself not so much, and the food is awful.
There are so many clubs/organizations at school. It's very diverse.
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I probably would not go to this school again. I was bullied as a freshman and it just made my whole high school experience not as good as it could have been. Once I became a Senior I was happy it was almost over and started to get more involved in the school activities.
Most of the teachers really care about the students. When kids are struggling in an assignment usually the teachers are very helpful in trying to get the student up to par.
Because it is such a small and close-knit school, kids that didn't even know each other freshman year become absolute best friends by senior year. Obviously, when it comes to drinking and smoking most kids do it on the weekends. When it comes down to it, whether it's in Lexington or Dorchester it happens. I've never seen a problem with peer pressure, and everyone is accepting of everyone, with the exceptions of a few people here and there. The High school however is probably a lot more accepting and open-ended than the Voke, however the younger classes at the Voke seem to be drifting away from the ignorance, which is great.
Mostly are great teachers as well as people. They care about their students academically as well as how they are doing outside of school.
It is very easy to make friends at this school as it is so small and tight-knit. There are kids who are absolutely best friends by senior year who didn't even speak to each other freshman year. Obviously a lot of kids drink and smoke on the weekends, but the reality is whether you live in Lexington or Dorchester, it happens. Peer pressure has never seemed to been a problem at all here, and everyone very accepting of diversity, with the acception of a few people here and there.
Because the school is vocationally based, a lot of students come here to be hands on and work. However, the academic teachers are great at what they do, and very experienced. Vocational academic teachers honestly seem to do a better job than normal teachers, as they understand that each student is different and do not all learn the same way. The work load is incredibly manageable and easy especially compared to the high school, but we are still challenged and still learn.
Front door of the Voke is locked during school hours, although it would be pretty easy to get let in and get by the office without signing in. I know the high school doors aren't locked during school hours, and you can get in through the Voke that way.
Through I don't participate in extracurriculars, the Vocation school and the High School share all clubs and sports, and there is a huge verity to choose from. People on sports teams all broke great friends.
Throughout my 4 years, I have really enjoyed myself. Because of the small size of the school, you grow very close to everyone. Not only the people in your grade, but also the people in the older and younger grades. The shop environments are great, and it's awesome seeing people be such good friends with each other, even after only knowing them for a relatively short time. The shops that are provided are great and all provide multiple oppertunties for the kids to obtain different degrees and licensure. The academic work is not hard, because the school is vocationally based. However, that does not mean that the teachers aren't great at what they do. I have met my favorite teachers I have ever had throughout my sophomore to senior years, and I have learned a lot through them, not only academically, but also socially. Also because the school is so small, the teachers get to know their students, and a lot of the time we are treated like friends, and it makes learning more relaxed, comfortable, and fun, especially for the kids who came to a vocational school because academic aren't their strongest aspect. The school administration has become a lot stricter since the new principal has come, but she has done a ton for the school, such as renovations, grants, expansion, oppertunties, and the bettering of the reputation. The best decision that I made was choosing the Voc. rather than choosing the High School.
Our school isn't very dirvese. Everyone seems to fit in. Most of the time the only difference is between the mean and the nice.
We learn what we need to know to get through the curriculum, nothing more nothing less. Many do not feel ready for the real world because they think our high school has not provided the necessary resources to put them on that path.
I feel safe but I don't see any safety precautions being taken. Its a very minimal amount of security.
The school isn't bad but it doesn't always feel like they have something to offer every individual student. Many students don't want to bind together which makes it harder for students to be apart of activities.
They do there best with what we have. We domes have the best but we do have enough to get by.
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The teachers comply with our needs as students.
Our school takes safety real serious.
Many different clubs and activities grows throughout the year.
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