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Medford Secondary School Reviews

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Medford is a great school. There is an awsome school spirit throughout the school! I’ve never even seen a fight between any of the students which is what you would see at larger schools. Without those distractions you will get an awsome education.
It was a small school and I went there my whole life so I don't have a lot to compare it to. Its a really nice school and the staff is good, sometimes, but the other students kind of sucked. It sucks going to a small school where everyone knows everything about you.
I like how the school is small. It helps make learning more of a personal level. It helps to further the intelligence of an individual.
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I have an Autistic son, and the teachers have helped him immensely!
It's not great but at least it's not horrible food and it's still somewhat edible.
Very strict and has kept everything under control.
So I far I haven't had any problems at this school so I'm doing just fine.
This school doesn't have much options for extra curricular. This is also my first year attending Medford and I am still trying to get used to it.
Medford gives you a typical small town high school experience.
Medford should be very proud of their security. There are not many cases of bullying, if so they are minor and the offenders are punished appropriately, and the safety services are superb.
Overall the school facilities and resources are acceptable, but the public computers in the computer labs and library need an update. Also, when I had rode the bus it often seemed over packed and, in rare cases, break down. Other than that everything seems acceptable.
The academics offered at Medford are quite highly regarded.
The school provides a decent amount of options, however, very few AP courses.
Policies were fine when I attended the school, however, I have heard from my younger sister that rules have become very ridiculous.
Most of the sports at Medford are high quality. I'd say the least organized sport we have at Medford would be cross country. There is lack of a variety, which is a normal sacrifice for a small school.
There are often times when there are no fruits or salad. Serving sizes vary as well.
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