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I had a wonderful experience at Medford High. I like that it is a smaller school, yet there are many great opportunities offered to students such as AP classes, trips through clubs, and a mentorship program with area businesses. The staff is extremely kind and incredibly helpful.
Medford High School is filled with caring teachers who want you to succeed. Not only will the teachers do just about anything to help you understand material, but the school monitors the progress of everyone and steps in to help if its needed. Also, the music program here is incredible! The music program is filled with extremely talented individuals that work hard to become the best they can be.
I like the small town feel of our high school, with the high-quality forward-thinking educational system that is in place.
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I enjoyed all four years at my high school. I participated in 2 sports all four years, gymnastics and volleyball, both we great experiences. Although I have loved my school experience there are a few things I would like to see differently. At lunch I would love to see a few more healthy options, we use to have a salad bar a few times a week and I wish we still had that. Also, I would like to see my school's gymnastics team be able to have a building at the school to practice and compete where we would not have to move equipment or travel a few miles to practice. Also, the option to graduate early would be a good choice for my school to consider and I think a lot of students would benefit from the choice. Beside these few things my school has been amazing.
The school was good academically and there was many different opportunities to get involved in the school. The music program was also good and one of the best I've seen around.
I loved this school. Some of the teachers were very strict though. I went home sick a few times, because they wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. I finally gave the school a medical note. This school is a very great school, as long as you do things yourself to make it a great school.
Great school with teachers who are always eager to help you no matter what the issue. The teachers are also eager to listen to personal issues you may be having and they help you with scholarship and college applications.
This is a small town and is usually very safe. There are not many threats, and we do not need metal detectors. There is only one cop that walks through the school occasionally.
I loved my extracurricular activities. In college I wish there was a way to manage being involved and getting good grades like in highschool.
Medford High School has great teachers and is a great place to go to school. There are lots of ways to get involved with clubs and sports. Even though our school is small it is a top ranking school in Wisconsin. My favorite experiences that I miss is the involvement. I could be involved in so many things and still manage to be in the top ten percent of my class.
I liked the clubs but I felt that they put to much into athletics rather than education.
Some teachers are good others not so much. It wasn't a bad school to go to.
Scheduling process is about as barbaric as it gets, very outdated program which could definitely use updating to become more efficient. Relatively easy school to graduate from, you have to try to fail out of this school.
The clubs and organisations offered are not very good, however they are offered and usually at a relatively high price if you want to do anything to actually be involved in the club. Most clubs don't know what they're doing and are kind of a joke.
The school may be a good school, but the people within it are a problem. Bullying is a huge problem here, and it is never taken care of correctly in order to solve the problem. The guidance counselors are not very smart about how they handle situations, and did a very poor job of advising me on what classes I should take in order to be prepared for college. Wish I would have attended a school who had better resources for me.
Depends on what teachers you get, most of the teachers I had were very approachable and nice as long as you treated them with respect. However, some of the teachers were not the best, and only seemed like they were there to get the job done and get you through the class quickly and without conflict. The teaching styles were varied but it was mostly powerpoint slides and reading from the book, as usual. Their knowledge on the items they were teaching were very good though, never had a teacher who didn't know what they were teaching us.

All of the teachers I had were concerned about their students, and made sure to communicate with them to make sure they were understanding everything correctly. I never had a problem with the grading criteria, everything was always straight forward on what you were expected to do.
The school offers a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities. It's over all very easy to get involved with groups and organizations and make new friends that could last a life time.
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Most teachers offer help before and/or after school. They make sure that students feel safe and have someone to turn to if there is a problem in their life or even at school. Many classes have guest speakers come in to give real world examples of lessons the class has been learning about. Medford does a great job involving the community.
There is a wide variety of clubs and activities to get involved in. I loved being a part of the sport teams. The coaches took an invested interest in their athletes lives and push them to achieve their best.
There is some things for us to do, but not a lot.
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