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I loved being a student at Medford High School. Unlike a lot of schools around us, we are very diverse. One thing I love most about Medford High is that we are all similar to one big family. Everyone knows each other, and the teachers are more than just teachers; they're our best friends. A lot of what the teachers and faculty do for the students is make sure they have a plan after they graduate. Whether the student is attending a technical school or a university, every teacher helps in every way they can to make sure each student is prepared.
The only thing I would say that needs to change is the leniency the teachers give to the students. I believe to an extent that teenagers need to be held accountable for their actions. After all, we are going to have to take care of ourselves after high school. I would make the discipline just a little bit more enforced. Other than that, I am thoroughly proud to be a Medford student.
Teachers at this school usual are very approachable, and will help any student on a problem they have, or even to help get them caught up. Teacher seem very strict, but really it is all for the students best interest for the future, and there career paths. The teaching styles that a majority of teacher's have is having a lot of interaction with the student's ,and them being involved with what they are teaching that day. They also show a lot of interest in what they are teaching towards the student's to make them want to be more involved in what is going on. The way teacher's communicate around this school with every one is very outstanding, it gives me confidence for my child to possibly come here one day.
It is very manageable to get your four by four here. The teachers are working on their communication skills so students won't have a bunch of tests on the same day.
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Students are very accepting of new students. Everyone gets along fairly and there is little fighting or arguing. The peer pressure is somewhat high considering it is a small school. The students are involved in organizations, but not so much athletics.
The FCCLA, StuCo, and FCA groups are very fun and interactive. These are the three most popular organizations at this school. The Spanish club also has gotten popular. Students have the opportunity to tour Europe for 14 days in the summer of 2017 through the Spanish Club.
This schools educational program is fantastic. I would send my children to this school because of the Educational program. The counselor goes above and beyond to make students prepared for college. The teachers are very cooperative with the counselor. I wish the school organizations did more activities, but when we do participate in activities it is a blast! The facilities are also very nice and the school is very blessed.
I believe we have some of the best teachers in the state. They have real world knowledge and communicate very well. Their grading system is consistent and they are very helpful in and out of the classroom.
First year to have a school nurse.
There are activities in a variety of interests. Everyone should be able to find something to enjoy.
The fact that we are a small school makes it easier for teachers to develop a personal relationship with students and able to spend more time one on one with students who are struggling. Also, many of the parents know teachers personally and see them out and about in the community on a daily basis.
I feel Medford Public school has great teachers. We are limited in course selection due to the size of our school but still are able to receive a well balanced education. This year the school moved athletics to after school instead of during 7th hour so we are able to receive an extra hour of classroom instruction.
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