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The teachers that I have had are great and they taught me a lot of new information that I used in the class and sometimes out of the class. I think that if the school was demolished and rebuilt again, that would improve it greatly because at the moment if feel as though it is a cinder block, but if more windows could be installed it would improve the whole atmosphere. Also if AC and heat could be installed for the whole building.
Medford High School is a place where students of all races, ethnical backgrounds, sexualities, and religions are accepted. Medford High has become a place where I know that I can go to learn everyday and not be judged by the other students. I have met some of my closest friends there and I hope to stay connected with those friends in the future. Medford High has great teachers and some really do care about the students and how well we do. I am currently a senior and my time there has been good with its ups and downs but overall, a good high school. Although, if I were to change something, I would update the bathrooms and a couple of the buildings at MHS.
I started going to Medford high in the middle of my junior year. I returned from Nigeria and was quickly enrolled into Medford high. Making friends was not easy, because of this I dreaded going to school, going to lunch, and doing group activities. Returning this fall as a senior I hoped for things to be different, and surely it was. I have made some friends that I can laugh with, talk with, eat lunch with and do projects with. Making friends has gotten easier and has made my school life more exciting. One thing that made me extremely fond of Medford was the diversity. Medford is a very diverse school. It hold students from all different backgrounds and cultures. It enables each and everyone of its students to have a voice. It has enabled me to see new sides to one argument. I also admire the teachers that teach at Medford. The teachers are relentless and caring. Although I didn’t like Medford at first ,it has definitely grown on me. It is a place where I can be myself.
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Medford High School is great for students who need one on one with teachers. The school counselor is amazing; she will do anything she can to prepare a student for college.
I had an amazing experience at Medford High School! I really enjoyed my years there. The students attending Medford High are really friendly and ultimately the school is very open and diverse. If one applies themselves at Medford High they are likely sure to succeed because everyone is rooting for the success of the students.
It wasn't the most enjoyable place to be, but it is a very diverse school and they do emphasize their core values, one of them being collaboration, which is one I highly value today.
There are a lot of positives and a lot of negatives about the school. I definitely believe that school will get better because it allows many opportunities for individuality and diversity from all of its student work, clubs, and teachers. However, all of the education and grading seems to only depend on what teacher you have and the limited resources given by little funding towards the school.
I enjoyed the diversity and a lot of the teachers were quite supportive. However, the administration and the physical building itself could use some work.
I had a very good time there I was able to meet new people and be able to create a bond with them. The teacher were amazing they would help you in any way that they could so that you could be ready for college. They are great people in general and know what they are doing
Medford High School is a great experience and shapes kids to go to college. AP courses are also very good.
Medford High School is an overall average school. The education i received here was pretty good. The teachers for the most part are great, and I was given many opportunities. The building itself needs work and the food is not the best. The school is diverse which is amazing. The clubs and sports need more promotion to people who would be considering joining.
Medford High gave me the chance to pursue the college of my dreams. My advisors and teachers provided me with all the necessary resources and opportunities to thrive as a student in the classroom and with extra-curriculars.
I loved my experience at Medford High School because it was a close-knit community and the school has a lot of Mustang Pride. The school along with everyone in it, helped shaped me to become college ready and learn to be a successful, independent man ready to conquer the world. Medford High School has allowed me to make friends that I will always have, as well as learn valuable life lessons that will help me in the future. The teachers, students, and coaches all helped me throughout my high school experience and there is nothing I will miss more than putting on that Mustang jersey and bleeding blue and white.
The school is falling apart. Your education depends on the teacher you get. The entire district has a bullying problem and no school except for the Brooks does anything about it. The library looks like a prison and the bathrooms are disgusting. The English classrooms still have CHALKBOARDS and the books are falling apart. The desks are even older than Bernie Sanders and the political environment is polarizing. Special Education students are quarantined to their own part of the building and if they stray away they are ridiculed by both students and faculty. We have only ever had one lock down drill in all my time here. The administrators are all generally clueless. The school has a drug problem you can't walk down any hallway without the stink of marijuana and when you walk into the bathroom someone is vaping. Despite the few amazing teachers I've had, the school and the system is a HOLE.
Medford High School is unique. It is a very diverse setting but it has had its issues within that region as well. Topics of race are an issue throughout the nation and despite Medford High School’s issues with race, it is a rather welcoming environment. The teachers really do care about their students and want them to succeed. If I could change anything, I would change how the guidance counselors opperate. I am a senior going off to college and I do not feel ready. I went to my guidance counselor multiple times and she was little to no help with my whole college process. Being the daughter of an immigrant, this process was so much harder and the help of a guidance counselor could have been really beneficial. Overall, Medford High School is a good school and I would recommend it.
Overall, I had a great experience at Medford High School. There are many Sports and Clubs that each student can get involved in. Most of the teacher that I had were great and helped support me throughout my high school experience. Something that I would like to see change at MHS would be the how the Administration feels so disconnected to the students. I would love to see the Administration be more involved in school events.
Medford high has lots of diversity but needs to work on being diverse and recognizing all the different cultures. This school has some amazing teachers and a few ones on the other end so its all about luck. The staff and councilors are always there to help a student and they take action if you feel unsafe or need any extra help. Most teachers are willing to have one on one time with students. The biggest down side is some racial issues/ignorance, the physical condition of the building and the lunch.
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Absolutely awful food, some teachers are amazing and some are awful it's a lottery for if you have a good year or not. Most English teachers are amazing and most math teachers are awful so don't go here if you're bad at math you will probably fail your classes
The diversity of Medford High School was one of my favorite things about attending school there. There are many teachers who put an incredible amount of effort into their classes and students and make learning at Medford High School an amazing experience. However there are many teachers on the other end of the spectrum who made learning extremely difficult and boring. My guidance counselor was also one of the most amazing administrators I have ever met and truly shaped my experience at the school.
Teachers were excellent and cared for the students. Class sizes were moderate making each teacher get to know each individuals student and how they personally learn.
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