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Medfield Senior High School Reviews

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Awesome education. The teachers are very caring and all experts in there area. It is not too easy or hard, and they really stretch your brain to get a valuable education. The sports programs are all very good. The layout of the school is easy to understand. The school is very pretty. The town of Medfield is fantastic. It is extremely safe, lots of local businesses and opportunities. Going to Medfield High sets you up very well for college. Also, Medfield has a great reputation so applying to college is easier. Most of the kids go on to attend great colleges. It is a small high school so everyone knows everyone. The class sizes are fairly small and it is one of the best public schools around.
The school has mostly great teachers, great academics, great extracurriculars, and an overall accepting environment.
Overall, I had a great experience here. The academics, sports, clubs, and music programs are all top-tier and I am proud to have graduated from such a great school.
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I am so thankful to have grown up in the Medfield School Systems but that does not mean they are flawless. Compared to countless other schools we are far better off but there are still some things that could use improvement. One example is college is not made for everyone so I wish our school explored other options more, but instead we were all pushed and expected to go to college. Diversity is nonexistent and the people around you can say very ignorant things.
in high school I like the fact that I am able to choose a portion of my classes, I am able to choose what I’m interested and not was forced upon me. I was also recently able to start a club chapter at my school called Wartime Aide, it means a lot to me that my interests are taken into consideration and supported by my high school. there are not too many limits and I think it helps me grow as a student and a person.
Great atmosphere with tons of resources for kids to succeed. All departments work together well to make sure students are challenging themselves, succeeding and following their interest. Sports are a large part of the culture as almost everyone participates in at least one sport. However, the music and theater programs are great too and kids can float between the two easily.
The teachers always try their best to create a fun but helpful environment to learn in. However, I wish the clubs were more easily accessible to join
Really encourages students. At Medfield High School, it's "cool" to be smart. The AP courses are really college level. My older son is a junior at a very competitive college and he states that his senior year in high school was his most academically difficult year thus far!
They have great teachers and resources and I felt very prepared heading off to college. Medfield is a great town to grow up in and the school system is designed really well for a great environment and chance to learn.
Academics were overall pretty great, I felt i like Medfield High School with the needed academic skills to be able to head off to college and feel prepared for my courses. My writing skills would not be where they are today if not for Medfield. But as an overall community and school, the town and school its self is toxic and did nit benifit me at all.
MHS is a typical suburban High School. Every teacher I've had here has been nice and helpful. I like that it's a pretty small school and how it's accommodating to all academic needs. It's also ranked as one of the best high schools of Massachusetts based on academic scores.
Medfield High School is a great high school to learn in. It has a great set of teachers in every subject. There is a large variety extracurriculars to choose from such as many sports and music ensembles.
The school is diverse in terms of interests, and there are clubs or organizations for everyone. There are plenty of options for classes and the teachers are really supportive. There can be a lot of work in most classes, but teachers are always there for extra help, and resources like writing lab and math lab are super useful. Kids from this school tend to be competitive, especially in academics and sports. I'm not involved in sports personally, but I hear there are a lot of great teams. The music program is great, but the art and drama programs could use a little more support. Overall, it's a great school, but the community really isn't for me.
A first-rate high school with an inclusive student body, caring staff and top-rate academics, athletics and extra curricular activities. My children, who are very different types of learners and have different interests, both thrived there and enjoyed their high school experiences.
There are some amazing teachers, but a few bad ones that need to leave. If you are not interested in working with students, you should find another job.
The school's buildings are in good shape, athletics areas are great, and music areas and equipment are excellent. The academics are top notch if you try, and the teachers are generally great. All teachers are invested in your success and want you to improve and succeed. Asignments can be hard but there is no lack of support.
There are challenging courses offered and a variety
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There are plenty of activities for everyone to get involved
Teachers a constantly educationg themselves to better their practices
THere is a personal safety course offered
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