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Medfield Senior High School Reviews

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Academics were overall pretty great, I felt i like Medfield High School with the needed academic skills to be able to head off to college and feel prepared for my courses. My writing skills would not be where they are today if not for Medfield. But as an overall community and school, the town and school its self is toxic and did nit benifit me at all.
MHS is a typical suburban High School. Every teacher I've had here has been nice and helpful. I like that it's a pretty small school and how it's accommodating to all academic needs. It's also ranked as one of the best high schools of Massachusetts based on academic scores.
Medfield High School is a great high school to learn in. It has a great set of teachers in every subject. There is a large variety extracurriculars to choose from such as many sports and music ensembles.
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The school is diverse in terms of interests, and there are clubs or organizations for everyone. There are plenty of options for classes and the teachers are really supportive. There can be a lot of work in most classes, but teachers are always there for extra help, and resources like writing lab and math lab are super useful. Kids from this school tend to be competitive, especially in academics and sports. I'm not involved in sports personally, but I hear there are a lot of great teams. The music program is great, but the art and drama programs could use a little more support. Overall, it's a great school, but the community really isn't for me.
A first-rate high school with an inclusive student body, caring staff and top-rate academics, athletics and extra curricular activities. My children, who are very different types of learners and have different interests, both thrived there and enjoyed their high school experiences.
There are some amazing teachers, but a few bad ones that need to leave. If you are not interested in working with students, you should find another job.
The school's buildings are in good shape, athletics areas are great, and music areas and equipment are excellent. The academics are top notch if you try, and the teachers are generally great. All teachers are invested in your success and want you to improve and succeed. Asignments can be hard but there is no lack of support.
There are challenging courses offered and a variety
There are plenty of activities for everyone to get involved
Teachers a constantly educationg themselves to better their practices
THere is a personal safety course offered
An extracurricular activity I participated in was cheerleading. I believe this program was great because it was created from nothing. One year, someone decided to start it as a club and see if it would gain interest. Since those two years, the program has gone from being a club to a varsity sport. It has no recognition and excelled very quickly. A competition team was able to be created which allowed more hands on environment as well as a "family" outlook. This program taught me that if I was to put my mind to it, I could achieve any goal I have and it helped me prepare more the future but understanding how to relate to others and be more caring.
The high school experience at this particular school has been okay. The reason it hasn't reached the point of great or the best is for one reason. That one reason is bullying. The amount of kids who get bullied a day in high school is unbelievable. Most of the hurtful things being done and said is because of a problem or situation that someone can't control. The school staff can be helpful at times with creating a safe environment, but more effort could be put in to keep students safe. This school is unique because other than the bullying which happens at every school, when we come together as one community, change makes a difference. I would choose this school if I could do it again, but going in knowing that what happens in high school will not dictate my future, only I can control that.
The teachers in this school are either amazing role models and teachers, or build this wall between making connection with their students and going out of their way to help them succeed. There are many different teaching styles that change drastically depending on the specific teacher because of the new technology being incorporated into learning, gaining interest of student or just how communication skill can differ depending on how comfortable the environment is for everyone. The knowledge in curriculum can be pushed more with expectations and not as "dumbed-down" in a sense. If all teachers were to treat every student equally and have there different styles be more similar, it would allow more knowledge to be acquired and lead to more success.
Medfield is very safe. After Newtown, strong security measures were put in place. There is also a new, huge police station being built. Fire drills/lockdown drills happen often.
You have to try to not be involved in something. There are theatrical shows, sports, and clubs (about 50) to choose from.
Great events, difficult academics (but I know it'll be worth it), and a horrible administration - the worst. They don't understand anything & use the metro west survey to see how students are feeling, while ignoring what the students tell them.
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Teachers are generally knowledgeable, kind, intelligent and will readily help you to succeed if you are willing to put in the effort! There are a few questionable teachers within the science department though...
Besides having police officers, the school was incredibly safe. Though it needs to be pointed out that the area is also extremely safe and uneventful, the one robery in town during my time there triggered a school shutdown where it was nearly impossible to be in harms way.
Besides sports the extracurricular activities were more hobby based. Though they were abundant, few students participated.
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