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Mechanicville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Our school has a horrible set up. There are asbestos in the walls. Barely any working bathrooms for the boys. Majority of teachers are average. Only two clubs, SADD and Drama. SADD does nothing. Block schedules have had a horrible affect on grades. Constant rule breaking with no re precautions for people juuling and vaping in our only bathroom. Extremely restrictive movement and little trust or faith in students. Only two counselors for 1300 students.
It's awful we're missing the floors and/or ceilings which could leave us open for asbestos. Foods poor, teachers are average, the blocks leave kids going bored and are just missing out on what the teachers saying...
Everything about this school is terrible. The food is disgusting and teachers are perverts. When I get out of this school and grow old, I will never let my children go here. This school is not a good one, don’t go here. I will never come back to that school when I graduate.
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I like that it has a big school feel in a small town environment. I like that the teachers are willing to help outside of classroom hours and we follow block scheduling. Block scheduling made learning much more detailed and better 1 on 1 support with the teacher. I do wish we had more electives to chose from that would fit into the schedule. I wish more of our Junior and Senior classes were offered as college credit classes. I wish we had many more clubs and honor programs.
I don't know if I would go to another school because I met my best friends here. Also , there have been some outstanding teachers, parents, and coaches that I will never forget. There have been the fair share of bad ones too. Our athletics are sometimes inconsistent, but I would say overall I've had fun doing them. The parents of the children in sports programs are very supportive and always available to help with and fundraising, rides, foods, or events we may have or need.
I loved high school, my friends, the teachers, everything! I would go back in a heartbeat!
the health and safety of students and personnel is good! I believe our school is very safe and I feel safe there everyday! Our school takes things seriously, no matter how small!
Food services is good, cafeteria is always clean, there is a healthy food options, and the value is good. Menus are available and you can view them online as well.
Principal and vice principal care about the students, guidance counselors are ok, office staff is helpful! All policies on bullying, dress code, attendance and anything else is in effect and they stand by all the policies!

Others are perfect role models for students and so true compassion for the students.
Most teachers are okay. There are a few exceptional that go well beyond what they should. A few because of tenor that should be gone. The passion for teaching is gone.They just want the paycheck. Show up late to class and then wonder why half the class or more fail the Regents exam
Need better heating system so there is quality evenly heated. No air condition for final testing so very hot in June. Bathroom do not work consistently. Often closed do to broken equipment and cleanliness is disgusting
Not a lot to offer
It has been better in the last year. The new school nurse doesn't have a clue and believes all kids are faking and is not friendly.
I saw how awful the food looked so I never once in 4 years tried it
The school needs more clubs and organizations. Budget cuts have impacted this area
The administration works diligently to address policy violations.
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The school has in place anti bully policy. The students are taught to respect each other
guidance counselors are people that students cant count on, i know a few people who didnt get into college because the guidance department never sent their information to the college. they are there to help either. As far as bullying we have DASA but they never really do anything about it. but they do make it clear that they dont tollerate it. dress code they just tell us to dress appropriate but not everyone follows it.
I feel asthough students are becoming out of control. the overall school is going down hill, and its sad to see that happen.
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