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Mechanicsburg High School Reviews

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Mechanicsburg High School is an average school. The teachers are not very involved in pushing or challenging students in the classroom. The teachers are not very willing to help students either.
I enjoy going to this school, the teachers are friendly, and the students are equally so. When i first moved to this school in 7th grade, I was welcomed warmly and adapted quickly to the new school with the help of teachers and administrators.
I enjoyed being at Mechanicsburg because it is a small school, so if you need help form a teacher or coach, you will get the help you need. The one thing that I would change about my school is the fact that they don't offer very many college-prep classes. The only AP class that they offer is AP Calculus; that is not much of a list to choose from.
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I think they usually end up with good students who receive great test scores, however I don't believe they teach well. There is barely any diversity with the school being filled with whites. It is a very close-minded school in many different ways, both the staff and the students alike.
Mechanicsburg High School is a very interesting place. We are like a family. Within a small town, everybody knows everybody. So it's easy to get along with everyone. We do have drama issues in our school but mainly if we don't want to get involved, we don't have to. It's great at this school and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
Mechanicsburg High is a small school with a close community. The community takes a pride in Mechanicsburg's traditions over the years.
Bad. Takes you to different website to sign up. all i need is to apply for a scholarship not sign up to 20 different sites. They need to fix this asap.
The quality of extracurricular activities at this school is great. However, there aren't a lot of options for those who don't wish to take part in sports. There should be greater diversity of activities available, in my opinion.
My experience at this school has been fantastic. Although there are definitely some things that I would change, I really like all of my teachers and my classmates. Our school has a very friendly environment which I am glad to have been a part of.
The teachers at this school are very effective at engaging students and effectively communicating the material. I believe that the teachers are generally very knowledgable about the subject matter of their lessons, with a few exceptions. Sometimes I feel as if the teachers at my school don't create challenging enough assignments, although they are always consistent with their grading. I do believe that the teachers take a great interest in the students, and I am very appreciative of that.
All Mechanicsburg has are sports. Not everyone is athletic. There are no clubs.
Some teachers are actually great at their job, but there are more teachers that are not than there are that are good. A couple teachers just teach straight out of a book and don't care. Others get you involved in what is going on. Another teacher doesn't care if you don't get it, figure it out yourself.
There is some but there could be so much more.
They are very diverse and mostly athletic
The students and staff have been with me through everything and I wouldn't change that for anything.
I love all the the adults that teach at my school and feel 100% safe with them. They know what they're talking about and will go beyond what you expect to make sure you understand a problem.
What makes Mechanicsburg unique is the fact that it is a small school. About sixty students are in every grade level. Everyone has close friends and hardly anyone is bullied. However, everyone knows everyone's business.
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Some teachers go above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable and well understanding the materials. Others, however, just seem to give us work, grade it, and move on.
Great athletic programs but most classes will not help prepare you for college.
Really like the staff and students. Staff is very encouraging
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