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Loved the small class sizes - allowed for better learning. A lot of teachers are alumni which was cool. Majority of the teaching staff was very good and accessible for help. lots of academic and extra-curricular activities. Music program is AWESOME there! Was involved with Marching Band and Indoor Percussion both of which allowed for some travelling to out of state competitions. Now that I'm in college I wish Mechanicsburg had some of the college curriculum courses (not just AP/Advanced Placement) I've seen students had from other high schools around the country.
My classes challenged me to become a better student and my teachers showed me to love learning math and science.
I liked that most of the teachers were there for you and the school has out of the classroom opportunities such as votech, co-op, etc.

Something the school needs to improve on is when it comes to making school wide decisions. You can't please everyone but the decisions made shouldn't "screw" over the students. For instance taking up half the parking lot for construction or making certain activities unavailable to Votech or Co-op students.
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Most of the teachers were very helpful in and outside of class. teachers were efficient about teaching and usually explained things in detail so that everyone understood. I do wish that the food was better and that the administration and teacher wouldn't randomly pick and choose which people to allow to break the dress code.
The teachers really care about the students intake of information, but not every single teacher knows how to work with their students. However, there are a fair share of excellent teachers who really do stand out and it shows by the success rate of that class. Mechanicsburg Area Senior High also has a phenomenal music program and the teachers are very passionate about teaching music to students and pushing them to be the best.
Mechanicsburg Area Senior High school has amazing and professional teachers who listen and collaborate with the students. They were flexible enough to meet the individual needs of myself and other students with class and learning learning. The music and arts program is excellent. Most high schools do not have a very significant music and arts program, but Mechanicsburg prides itself with a smashing musical performance every year, national award winning marching band and color guard, in addition to graphic and practical arts.
The staff and principle are excel by and really involve parents to get engaged in their child’s education. The school has excellent academics and I would highly recommend this school district to anyone looking to move into the area
Good community, and communication with the school and the families. They get everyone involved on all levels.
I loved how dedicated the teachers were to my education success and how they took the time to get to know me personally.
MASH is your average suburban high school. There are good teachers and bad, those willing to put in extra work and those who are not. Sadly, throughout my two years at MASH, a handful of the best teachers have left the district and are somewhere else. The athletic programs are decent. There is a wide variety of sports for students to participate in, and the same goes with clubs. It is easy to get involved with different programs, and you can meet great people through them. Parent involvement is almost nonexistent, which can be a good and bad thing. The therapy dog in the counseling office is a great resource for students in distress. Overall, I've enjoyed my time at MASH, and I can't wait to see what the future has to hold.
Mechanicsburg has an excellent music program and is very passionate about the arts. They are a large number of clubs and sports teams to join. The teachers are excellent mentors and friends, especially at the AP tier.
As a student, I loved the faculty and the curriculum that I was taught altogether. They offer experiences that allow you to grow as a student and young adult career wise such as internships. Overall, it is a great school that allows for students to push themselves and set themselves up for success in the future.
Overall, we have been extremely pleased with MASD. We have had positive experiences in regular, gifted, and special education. There are many teachers who go above and beyond for students. Our only frustration with the district has been with Project DREAMS. We believe in the program and think that job shadowing is invaluable. The teacher in charge, however, assumes the worst of the students. In reality, expectations are not clearly stated and students are penalized for work that they thought had been completed satisfactorily. She does not actually teach the students but only grades and oversees the requirements. She has made accusations that are untrue, called students liars, accused them of purposely avoiding work, and failed them, even when the classroom teacher has vouched for their character. It is frustrating when a program could be the highlight of a students' high school career and instrumental in their future endeavors, but is overshadowed by this kind of instructor.
The academics are great and I couldn't ask for a better education to prepare me for college. We are pretty diverse and accepting except most of our school is obviously white and there are groups that will harass minorities and nobody really does anything about it because we're afraid if we stand up, the administration will have our ass. My main complaint is the administration and how our school is run. The kids who tend to need more discipline don't. It's as if the school has given up on them. Instead, they give the generally disciplined students a harder time. Nobody knows why. The administration is bias depending on which students are troubled and which are not and the troubled get special treatment. The administration is also insanely sexist and will value a male student's story more than the female student's story. Teachers are great. Administration, not so much.
This school has given me such an advantage academically, as well as a wide-range of extracurricular activities to help me engage socially and physically. There are some amazing teachers, that have become mentors and even friends, although there are a few who are not so stellar. All in all, this district, and this school, is amazing and steadily improving and updating.
There are a variety of AP classes offered and it's very easy to schedule classes.
I think this school is very accepting. We have a lot of exchange students and students of other nationalities and origins.
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Most extracurriculars are sports and involvement in chorus/band.
MASH was a typical suburban school where essentially everybody knows everybody. It's nice to be close to people but can also get old when there's no variety. I feel like academically Mechanicsburg is admirable and the most fun events were football games, proms, and homecomings.
Teachers genuinely care about their students and have close relationships with them. They are very knowledgeable and never have not known the answer to a question. Classes are interesting but not too difficult: they make sure you are very well prepared for tests and quizzes.
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