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I hated this year. (Was my 7th grade year) i was treated badly by most staff. I was also homeless during most of the year my teachers all told every staff member as all of them knew. I was depressed most of the year because i was always getting in trouble for reasons that no other school would give. Subs challanged me to fights. Teachers want respect but give none. ALSO EVERYONE AT THIS SCHOOL IS WHITE AND RICH AND ITS WEIRD (im a middle class mixed race 13 year old). Maybe i was treated bad because im kinda popular and funny. People knew and the staff knew of my drug problem to help depression and they did nothing. I almosted od'ed and i told a teacher and was ignored. Worse school ever smfh
I like nothing about this school. And your staff are horrible. Especially Ms. Jae, nobody likes her. She gives detention for no reason. I got detention for a cuss word in a sentence. And Ms Jae got someone in trouble for “disrespecting”. You guys need to do something about it. She is ruining our school. PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE THING.
There are those who will have and those whom will not. This is the overall takeaway from Mears. If you don't fit inside their pretty little boxes you're out! Gifted students are made up of the popular and moldable, stay inside the box and you'll be fine. Principle has thin skin!!
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There really isn't anything. There are generic sports but no arts programs. No theatre or debate which are widespread in the city.
Teachers have tenure and don't have to push students that are in the gifted program. IEPs aren't followed up on and it's generally lacking. There are multiple teachers who are rude, judgmental and face no penalty for poor performance or poor behavior
For a middle school, Mears is extremely divided. Teachers don't work to diminish the middle school drama and instead let their classes brew with mean rumors and bratty talk. Not enough is done to keep students safe, happy and out of trouble. Not enough discipline in general.
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