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Meadville High School Reviews

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I had a great experience at this school. I hope my kids can attend this school someday. I loved being able to go to a small school, because everybody can be involved. The teachers are great and they are very helpful. There is always somebody there if you need help.
Meadville High has a great atmosphere. It is a small school but that allows for the teachers to get to know each student on a personal level. The teachers are all very helpful and are willing to work to help the students to understand. The school is just overall an excellent school, they provide great educational opportunities, and a friendly atmosphere that makes it easy for kids to learn in.
There needs to be more advanced classes offered.
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the building is in good condition. The technology is slightly behind that of other schools. the college prep/dual enrollment is adequate but below that of some schools of comparable size. Parents are very involved. The Guidance counselor is horrible.
Not many sports. Baseball/softball, track, BAKSETBALL. BASKETBALL IS KING! If you don't play basketball, you don't exist.
There are some very dedicated and caring teachers at this school. There is quite a bit of nepotism in the hiring practices, though.

The school is notorious for moving teachers around and putting them in new positions every few years, which in some ways is good and others bad.

There could be more consistent communication between school and parents. Depending on the teacher, I have been kept very will informed and completely in the dark.
The superintendent is a jack of all trades; his job, bus driver, coach, anything that needs doing, he jumps in and does. the Principal is very involved, very young but seems to have a handle on the job. The guidance counselor is pathetic, it is who you know with her. When discussing with the counselor the situation that was going on when my youngest child was being bullied, her response was, 'so sorry you feel that way". As for help with scholarships and other issues with getting my oldest child ready for college, I ended up going to the counselor at the school where I teach.
It is very small and students get individual attention. The teachers truly care for the students. The academics are very high.
basically if you don't play basketball, you are invisible.
My children have experienced bullying at this school. some administrators have been great to work with and did not tolerate this. Present administration is more of the "it's who you know" mindset. The counselor is pathetic. Fortunately the teaching staff do not tolerate it. And the things that made my children such targets for the bullies (intelligence, individuality) are now seen as strengths and have led my children to be leaders and role models, while the bullies are finding or have found that people get sick of them and their attitudes and behavior.
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