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Meadville Area Senior High School Reviews

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This school has great educators and is a place where students are able to learn based on their interests
Meadville is an alright school. There are some really good teachers that will give you a lot of advice and help when you need it, but then there are some not so good teachers who don't teach the best. The students there are quite diverse, from background to personality, some are nice and some are not. There are a lot of cliques which is alright I suppose. There is nothing really amazing about Meadville.
I would like to see the bullying fixed more .Teachers doing more then just yelling at students for picking on others. Another thing is teachers actually stepping up and helping some students understand topics . Not just helping the students who play sports. Some teachers do a fantastic job at doing their job others need to help more.
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This high school is moderate at best. There is a huge gap between kids that work hard in school and kids that do not care at all. There has been a decrease in ights over the last couple of year and that is good. Our athletics are well developed too.
This is my first year at Meadville. Coming in as a senior I was a little nervous about the demands a bigger school would bring. However, the teaching staff, administration, and coaching staff has been exceptional. I feel that I've had a positive experience because of the staff and student body.
I believe that Meadville Area Senior High is filled with people who are obsessed with sports, and not much else. Almost all the teachers ask the students about the games they had, and will take time out of class to have students watch teams go to states if they make it (that actually happened last year). People who are involved in the arts don't get much recognition, especially in the drama department. There are two classes available for theatre, that are a semester long and are only available every other year. The classes are what you'd expect in a public high school, and the teachers are kind and supporting for some students crazy ideas, but I wish there was more support in the fields that aren't academically or sport related.
Meadville Area Senior High School is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania. It is a collection of Meadville City, Vernon Township, East Mead Township, and West Mead Township students who can be seen to come from all walks of life. It is very closely located to the heart of Allegheny College, a great bio-based college, and is known for diversity but also given a bad reputation due to fights and rumors. Most are fairly untrue and I see this High School as the heart of what can make Meadville as great of a place to you as I believe it is. Our sports teams are some of the best in the area and compared to private schools nearby, we match them fairly well. Our teachers are not all wonderful, but every year at least half of them will give students the knowledge they need whether common sense or academics, it is quite fantastic in my own opinion.
I enjoyed my time playing sports and the faculty is for the most part amazingly friendly and helpful
I wish there were more school affiliated activities for students to become involved in. It is currently difficult to create clubs and there aren't many options to begin with so it is very limited.
The teachers are nice and if you try to do what you have to for the classes but are not doing so well the teachers will try to work with you and help you if they are able to. Some of the classes do have around 25+ people in them but those are mostly the ones that you have to take.
Meadville Area Senior High School is a nice school. Within the school we have very many programs and opportunities for students. We have speakers come in to give help with financial aid. We have lots of opportunities for sports, as well as offering many different academic opportunities with a lot of AP, advanced, and honors classes. At the school we have many choices for lunch as well as the option to bring your own lunch. Every student in the school has their own locker. Within the school we have a very nice library with lots of computers for students to use as well as books and laptops.
Diverse classes, some teachers are a hit or miss but overall I'm happy with my high school career and satisfied with my education.
We have a good variety of AP classes and have the ability to take Allegheny College classes our senior year.
With being here for almost 4 years and experiencing most of what this school has to offer I would say it’s a pretty school. I have had some really good teachers and some teacher that haven’t worked for my learning ways the best but overall I like the school. The sports are a big part of the school spirit and allow students to get into their school. Also our janitors really do work hard to keep the place clean especially a guy named Dave, he is the real MVP.
Meadville has opened many doors for me in both my education and as an individual. I consider myself as an avid learner, and my teachers never thought twice in going the extra mile to further my education. My favored biology teacher sought out and recommended me for an elusive program that allowed me to attend Johns Hopkins University for two weeks, and tour/learn from its medical school. My 9th -11th grade English teachers banded together to form a group of upperclassmen that would have a select group of incoming 9th graders to mentor, with hopes of diminishing the highschool dropout rate. As apart of these experiences, I have found who I aim to be, and became a leader. I have learned how to face complications with a smile, knowing I am prepared.
My academic experience at MASH has in general been very advantageous and beneficial. The classes, with a few exceptions, have all taught me something in a very positive setting. School spirit is generally one of the highest in this area, to my knowledge. One of the only complaints I have is with the guidance counselors, or at least the two I've had contact with; they seem to have no idea as to what is going on, can be unprofessional, and have frequently given me false information.
Meadville highschool taught me a lot of things as a young boy. The school also helped me become a better person while helping others. The teachers were very helpful throughout the year, especially during basketball season they helped me out a lot. Meadville also showed me school spirit and how it can go a long way with just participating. The varsity basketball team I played on this year made it to the state championship which brought it everybody in the community. A lot of Meadville alum and current students came all the way to Hershey to support the team. Meadville taught me if we stick together and support each other we can accomplish anything.
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I graduated from Meadville Area Senior High School in 2016, and that will forever be my home. I look back on high school and all the great supervisors and teachers it's full of. It's a place where students are number one priority around the whole place, it's a place where students are more cared about then passing the required state tests or meeting the required regulations it's a place I'll forever call home.
My high school was just the typical school, cliques, mean teachers, and the occasional food fight. We had a police officer stationed in the school which did give it a safer vibe. The range of teachers was great in my opinion, from age to gender every single person in the school had the ability to befriend a teacher and therefore have someone in their corner during high school which can be a very difficult time for most.
Throughout my 4 years of highschool, I had mostly good experiences. I never really had that bad highschool experience like some people do. Meadville truly was a good highschool for me. I learned a lot and they do help you prepare for college. The guidence office, especially, helps you prepare for college. They care a lot about where you're going and make sure you're happy and are doing good inside and outside of school. I can say for most of the teachers, they care about you. They're not the kind of teachers that hate their job, most of them are there because they love us kids and love to educate kids.
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