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Extracurricular activities are very popular with many student at Meadows Valley. Since we are a small high school, everybody can be a part of any club if they want to all they have to do is show up and participate. The most popular club is Student Council because it decides many important events that happen at the school.
My overall experience at Meadows Valley High School has been very good so far. I enjoy all of my classmates and most of my teachers each and every day. Our school is unique because it is very small so I believe that I have a stronger bond with other students and my teachers. Everyone cares about everyone and it is almost like a small family rather than a high school.
The teachers at my high school are very student oriented and spend a lot of one on one time with students. The care greatly about students' education and put a lot of extra time and effort into their work that shows. They try to prepare us the best the can for life after high school.
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There are multiple clubs and organizations offered at this school, ranging from National Honor Society, Academic Decathlon Society, Mountaineer Pride/Cheerleading, Tech club, Green Earth Club, and several others. I am involved in most of these including the after-school Youth Group. There is a lot of involvement from the students in the majority of these clubs, but there is a major lacking of involvement in sports. The sports teams are dying out because not many students are committed enough to try to build up the program.
The teachers are very friendly and since the school is small, almost everyone has a personal relationship with their teachers. They show great interest in the fields that they are teaching, and are required to go above and beyond by teaching multiple different subjects and even coaching sports. They are consistent in grading except for one or two teachers, but the majority are fair.
The school I attend is very small and not diverse. Not many students participate in sports, so we barely have enough to make up organized teams. For the most part, people seem to tolerate each other but there is a lot of bullying that happens among students. I do feel safe in my school environment, and the administration go through a lot of work to make sure that the school is safe and secure for students. Even though the school is very small, there are a lot of students who work hard to achieve great academic goals. Most of the students in my class, for example, are graduating this year with multiple college credits and the vast majority are planning to attend college this fall.
Although I have had many great memories and experiences here, I wish that my school was a little bigger so that I could have more opportunities.
Our sports teams are very bad... We are still learning how to play as team. Our clubs are ok though
At my school the administration is way to lazy.. And the people are extremely small-minded and very prejudice.. It is difficult to concentrate at times
The school has great teachers that are well knowledgable about there topic. The students are also the nicest people in the area, as other schools would say.
I like being with my freinds all day, but at the same time I do not enjoy dealing with people that I don't like.
The school lunch is trying to make the food very healthy so the students dont get over-weight. The school has monthly fire drills to make sure that the students and facultie members are well taught on how to evacuate the building in case of a fire.
The Basketball program rocks it is very fun I am happy to play basketball.
The gym recently got re-done and it is very cool. The walls here aren't insulated so we can hear other classes.
The gym is very nice and it is the best in the area but the lockers are pretty beat up and need some repair to them.
The teachers have a college degree and know a lot about what they are teaching. They are also fun to hang out with and become friends with.
The people here are very nice and helpful.
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They dont really have very many to apply for so the ones that they have are okay to be in.
They have very nice health and safety regulations.
We have a very clear code of conduct that almost all students follow thoroughly. We also have staff members that aren't afraid to let students know they are not following rules that need to be followed. Our dress code is completely reasonable, which is really nice. Everyone looks more or less classy, and no one looks ever looks trashy.
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