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Meadows Arts and Technology Elementary School Reviews

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We love Mates! This is our second year and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not just that the school is great or the teachers are awesome... It’s that the kids love going! They love their teachers and love their school. Thank you Mates for being a great environment for my kids to learn and to love learning! ❤️
MATES has been the biggest gift as a parent. The teachers are top notch and WANT to be there as they do not make the same amount as other teachers. However, what they get back is professional development at their fingertips, an administration willing to try research-based practices, a freedom with cubiculum, and a parent body who volunteer like no other place I have seen. I feel very lucky to be a parent at MATES and even more lucky that my children are getting their education foundation at such an extraordinary school. Thank you for being so open, flexible, and welcoming to our family.
MATES seems to really do the performing arts well. Teachers seem caring. Sense of community is also strong, but beware if you dare share a concern-even if warranted. As for the rest, well, it’s just average. As other reviewers mentioned there are deep ongoing issues within administration: lack of integrity and professionalism; poor decision making; inability to effectively and respectfully communicate with parents; and not putting students’ needs, health and safety above all else. It’s truly surprising to me that the school chose to “renovate” its administrative offices and lounge with large funds raised by parents (intended for students) rather than addressing more pressing issues that directly impact students. MATES is stuck and is in desperate need of honest, student-centered, positive leadership that parents can trust and feel confident in.
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MATES is in need of new leadership at the directors' level. The director of the school is not approachable and demonstrates lack of professionalism when dealing with parents' concerns. If a parent raises a concern, that parent/child is labeled as a troublemaker. The executive director makes certain that the entire staff knows who the trouble makers are too! Due to the executive director's inability to interact professionally with parents, the school board had to hire an assistant to be the smiley face of the school. MATES cannot afford to pay two exorbitant salaries when one qualified person should have that job! Please Board of directors, find a new executive director who can create innovation at the school because the school is going downhill fast! #same curriculum/ performances/ not STEM school/ no gifted and talented program/ dirty campus/ no shade on playground or student lunch area but BRAND NEW OFFICES and LOUNGE for administration and staff!
I find it disheartening to see a one star review for MATES on this site. As the 1 star review parent notes, MATES is a Charter School run independently from the District. As such, the Administration and Staff wear many hats and collaborate with many parties to maintain and efficient, compliant and productive school environment in concert with the governing Board of Directors. Decisions are driven by the Charter, LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) set by the State of CA, the multi-year Education Technology Plan and many other benchmarks.

The MATES mission statement is: Instituting a vision that welcomes innovation, honors the past, transforms the future, commands achievement, and empowers all children through the Arts and Technology. I'd encourage any prospective family to visit the campus, speak with a teacher, look to school performance and decide for yourself if MATES is for you. Our family experience has been outstanding and I'm confident yours would be too.
The school admin is not particularly approachable, effective or inspiring. While there are a number of families who have close relationships with admin, other families who raise concerns or issues are frequently dismissed and concerns are not addressed. It is likely past due for a change at the top. At a charter school, it is incumbent upon the school board to hold the school accountable and ensure it is holding up to its mission statement. Since mates has its own school board separate from CVUSD there is only 1 school that the Board is responsible. Unfortunately, I have not experienced any action from the Board that is helping to keep the school moving in a positive direction. Instead, Complacency, lack of technology, innovative thinking, and problem solving have replaced the culture of what MATES once was.
I went there for third through fifth grade, I went to pursue education, but I learned something completely different, I LOVE performing arts. Mr. LaGuardia who is the performing arts teacher there is amazing at teaching and inspiring everyone, especially the kids. He has so much energy and knows how too make things look overall professional, especially for an elementary school. The teachers teach at a middle school level, and when I transferred to a public middle school, I was ahead of the whole class in all three grades, sixth through eighth. This school taught me to be grateful, kind, smart, intelligent, creative, open to new perspectives and ideas, to be humble. I could not ask for anything more from a school.
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