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None of the teachers really cared about students well being. The counselors were crummy and did a poor job. Most the kids did drugs and were very snobby. The school did little to nothing about bullying and the PE warm ups were over the top and unnecessary and the PE teachers pushed kids way to far to do said warm ups. It was as if the didn't realize that kids have different physical abilities. The activities were moderately fun but mostly the kind of thing people would rather skip. most of The teachers dont care about learning impairments and I have seen and experienced teachers not caring about people with things like ADHD or depression or even things as simple as anxiety and stress and PTSD. When kids are having a hard time in a specific class nobody changes them and they seem to target specific people. You may experience it differently but there are way better schools than this.
My experience at Meadowdale was strange because there where a lot of issues that came up when it came to how teachers dealt with problems students have/had. A lot of the adults at Meadowdale will just let things fly and sometimes when teachers let things fly (let there students decide what to do) lead to heated arguments or even a fight. Also every now and then there are cops at Meadowdale middle school that keep watch over the students.
But besides all of that Meadowdale middle school is one of the best schools in the district (at least in my opinion) I couldn’t ask for a better school I am very sad that I will not be attending Meadowdale high school next year because the middle school left a great impact on me and helped teach me how the real world can be. THANK YOU MEADOWDALE ❤️❤️.
Most teachers are extremely friendly , caring, and do an excellent job teaching.
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I rarely ate school lunches, but when I did, there was rarely a vegetarian option, which was a drag for me, a pescatarian. The school lunches are generally unhealthy (pizza, fries, and tater tots are the norm), with the exception of the salads (which were prepackaged with meat, much to my dismay).
Many students turn out for sports. There are many opportunities for student athletes in terms of competitions. The coaches are very friendly, supportive, and helpful.
The Jazz Band and Jazz Choir are phenomenal groups to listen to and participate in as a student. The athletic programs are also excellent, with many students turning out for sports. There are also youth volunteer groups, ASB, and racial student organizations.
There are lots of opportunities at this school: Volunteer clubs, ASB, extracurricular music programs, athletics, and field trips. I was part of the Jazz Choir, and it is a wonderful experience. I would definitely choose this school if I had to do middle school all over again because the classes, projects, and extracurricular activities provided a fun and memorable experience.
The school nurse is only available once a week. There are no security cameras, so all misdeeds must be reported by students. The building is almost always locked from the outside, so security is not a big issue here.

Bullying, as stated before, does not usually occur. When it does, the staff always makes sure to handle it appropriately.
Bullying is rarely an issue at this school. Most students here are very friendly and open.
There is a very strict no-fighting policy; to merely speak of fighting can result in punishment.
There is an after-school study club every day, with a bus to take students home. This is very convenient for students who need extra help. Most teachers are available before and after school for any extra help. Guidance counselors are also very supportive and helpful to students who need assistance.
The honors classes provide a challenge for students who feel the desire for a more intense curriculum. High-school level courses are also available in math and STEM subjects. Most staff and teachers are very friendly and seem to genuinely care about each student's growth as an individual.

However, the honors Social Studies classes are not, as the name would lead one to believe, very rigorous at all. The classes mostly consist of lectures, with very little work. This was somewhat frustrating, because I did not feel that I learned very much throughout my two years of middle school about Social Studies or its related topics.
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