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I bleed blue at Meadowdale. I’ve always felt deeply at home at this highschool. The staff care, the building is new and big and kids stay out of trouble. And so much to do! After our ASB team and our theatre and music programs and our stellar sports teams, you won’t run out of opportunities.
Pretty average school. nothing special. people are kind of annoying. admin has weird rules about doors and hall passes. not enough funding. admin does not do a good job of informing running start student about important dates. overall ok.
I like that the school gets out earlier than most schools, but that can make it hard to talk to the counselors.
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Though there are great things to this school, there is a lack of diversity, bearing some equality issues against students or color. There are beings here that still go along, uninformed of their words, racial slurs being ignored.. I do believe there needs to be higher education on the issues of race inequality.
I love the school spirit and the staff and Meadowdale High School. The only thing I would like to see changed is the up keep of the school. As in having locks on all the stall doors in the bathroom.
I was a study here at this school, and I will be a recent graduate. The school overall is a typical average high school. In terms of academics, there are AP and honor classes available to take and does prepare you for college. There really isn't anything about this school that stands out, it just a typical high school.
The teachers at Meadowdale High School are always professional but also very entertaining which helps cultivate the perfect learning environment! Although some textbook work is always a necessity for class progression, the teachers here use a variety of teaching methods, whether is be stories, short lectures, models or power points.
In addition to the teachers, there are almost always tutoring sessions happening after class to assist with learning necessary skills to not only complete homework, but to really learn a fundamental concept of the class until you are so comfortable with the topic that you can teach other.
Although you might only see them once or twice a year, the academic counselors at Meadowdale are extraordinarily helpful and always super reliable. They are always ready and prepared to assist students with struggles they are facing currently, or to assist them when preparing for their future.
The best things about Meadowdale High School is the teachers and the beautiful campus. The teachers are so supportive with each student and you really feel like you are heard when you are in class. They are all so smart and amazing at teaching, for example Mrs. Thomas (chemistry), Mrs. Seals (Chef), Mr. McGuire (history) and Mrs. Frindell (english). The teachers truly make up Meadowdale and make the high school experience great. Another aspect that makes Meadowdale great is the campus, it is always clean due to our great custodians. It is very easy to get around and not get lost and if you do get lost you can ask anyone for directions. The campus is beautiful and very easy to get around from class to class. Those are the two best things that make Meadowdale the best high school in Washington.
Improvement in school unity and spirit. As a freshman, every single football game was packed with maverick students all dressed up in blue and white. The bleachers were packed shoulder to shoulder, bottom to top. It was a great feeling knowing I would be taking part in a school with a massive amount of school spirit. Sadly, over the years, attendance and participation in our school activities has decreased. Senior year, it was lucky to have two full rows of supporters for friday night lights.
All together I really liked the school and the students. But some staff members don't know boundaries and fail to help students when they need it. The school is very spirited but like I said, the staff members could use a lot of change in the way the talk to, and approach students about things.
i liked meadowdale because they are very spirited and enthusiastic. i would like to see the environment there change because the people seem sketchy and out of it.
There is an emphasis on keeping an open mind to people from all walks of life, as well as to different opinions. The teachers, staff, and students work together to create a unified environment that benefits those that are enrolled while keeping others informed. The greater spread of news for what is happening would help, though overall the school does a solid job of educating and preparing its students for life after high school.
All of the staff, no matter who you have as a teacher (or not), will always take time out of their day to help you with a class topic, or even personal issue. In my experience, the instructors do an excellent job helping you with college readiness and skills. They design their classes and curriculum accordingly so that you can be college ready in no time. This has greatly helped with my academic maturity and overall work quality.
Meadowdale High School is a very good school that emphasizes in helping their students graduate on time and continue education beyond high school. They also offer help for students that have a hard time with their classes with "Hazel time" and "AT" (achievement time). Hazel time is teachers tutoring for free after school at the library. AT is 15 min before class ends where students who are caught up can leave, and students who need help catching up stay and get help from their teachers. There is also help for students that struggle with their classes because of them speaking a different language.
I feel safe to go and learn here. The place is bully free. All of the teachers and staff that I have met are caring and kind to you. Meadowdale high school is full of respect to every student and students try and be respectful. There is a man by the name of Gene, he is a security man for the school. Gene is the greatest, hilarious and keeps our school safe and problem free respectably. Meadowdale has has made my life easier, If I were to go into a school that wasn't meadowdale, I'd be treated unkindly and bullyed. I am blessed to be in meadowdale, I feel safe and no bullies practically exist. If I could change something it would be unlock the doors on the other side of the school so we can get to classes faster. Besides that I love this school, I feel like I am blessed. Thank you meadowdale for being part of my life.
so many thing like biology i learned about symbiotic relationship where by there is an interaction between two different species either one is a is positive which mean it is helpful to each other like bee and a flower or oxpecker bird and a buffalo they help each other by a lot the bird gets to eats the ticks and the buffalo get to stay healthy
The teachers were very helpful and guided you when it required. The staff with excellent skills and management was awesome too. Not forgetting the location convenient and the infrastructure too.
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Meadowdale High School is a great school. I'm going to be a junior this year and so far my first 3 years have been excellent! I do track and XC and have enjoyed both very much and have lots of new friends. This school is very welcoming and makes me feel very safe!
I graduated from Meadowdale High School in 2015. It's like any other high school, you're experience of high school is just what you make of it. They have good teachers, bad teachers, like any other high school. They do a good job of creating a safe environment and a fun community. They have good sports programs. I was glad I was able to go to MHS. Go Mavs!
The architecture is lacking and it's very hot on the upper floors during the early and later months. The kids are generally nice but if you want a real education you have to take the honors classes.
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