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The school isn't what you particularly want it to be. Though the atmosphere is nice and the work keeps us busy, the academic achievements set for the students is pretty low. By this I mean that the work and heights these students are set at aren't really pushing to be at their very best. Students simply laugh and horse around while teachers simply watch. Very few changes have been made to the school but it doesn't include the schools academic performance. My take on the school is that it's pretty average, kind of what you see on t.v but without the dancing and singing.
The one thing I loved about meadowdale was how easy the curriculum was and my calculus teacher mr. Bornhorst. I always looked forward to going to his class because it was one of the most challenging class they offered for students to take there.. I really disliked how unorganized the school was. The kids were never in class we always had bomb threats, which cause the cancellation of my senior year homecoming and the school had no spirit. I just felt like I wasn't part of the school and was not excited to go to school
The international Baccalaureate program at Meadowdale High School is great way for students to challenge themselves and interact with other kids their age. The program pushes you to think outside the box and helps you get ready for college throughout your four years of high school.
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This school is amazing and is very involved with the student body.
Safety is not the problem, it's the health concern of food the students eat. I packed my lunch all four years and never had to deal with school lunch; however, the look of some students faces were not as pleasant as one would hope. I would usually hear someone complain about their stomach hurting and that the lunch did such a thing to them. Beware the lunch!
There's always something to do if you look for it at MHS, but the support of all the clubs are extremely poor. Art, science, and Spanish clubs fell through the roof because there wasn't enough people to be a part of the organization.
While Meadowdale focuses more on sports and school pride rather than Extracurriculars, there are plenty of clubs as well, ranging from Arts+Humanities to Black Student Union to Model UN. Aside from a few like Theatre, which has a huge group of passionate students, the clubs do tend to be small. Most are active and are inviting to newcomers. There is a very well-established after-school tutoring program started by NHS, Guidance Counselors, and Librarians that is wonderful-- it recently received a grant. The only thing to complain about is red tape around planning club events and finances.
Health and Safety is taken very seriously in Meadowdale High School. That said, we have had a few incidents recently, like bomb threats or shooting threats. They all get taken VERY seriously. Another thing is, the administration takes action about things that go out of school as well, including a bad twitter rumor going around recently. I feel pretty safe in Meadowdale.
Like many schools in the region, the biggest racial groups are whites and asians, but we have a big variety of ethnicities in Meadowdale. Diversity is encouraged and generally supported, although not pushed. Certain clubs have diversity-related projects and events, but they're not too popular, although not empty.
Meadowdale is an awesome school..great friends, and teachers.
No safety issues at all this year.
This is our third year in the fairly new building and some things are already messed up in a sense. Our bathrooms are clean, but you would want to wait until you got home because of the constant foul smell. Other than that, we are abundant in sources, you just have to be willing to look for it. No one will chase you down about any special offers, you have to ask and earn it.
Through each year, I guess I can say it is getting better. This part of the year is very stressful, yet after these few days I hope to have more enjoyment for my senior year. The community service program within the school is really fun so I have been able to have fun and get some time to get away from all the work.
Our diversity is starting to improve, but as of now, we are lob-sided right now. On behalf of everything else, we are very respectful to others and their sexual orientation, and acceptance. On behalf of peer pressure, this can improve because a few years back, I had become a victim to acceptance just because I was in honors courses.
Cafeteria food. Nothing special. I've never ate school lunch as I bring my own.
Some things to keep in mind: There is a special cafe that sells alternatives to the school lunch and also other snacks such as slushies, rice crispies, etc... The school store, which is open on wednesdays, sells all sorts of food as well. There are vending machines with snacks, chips, fraps, soda, etc.
Health food isn't strictly enforced here, but if you want to eat healthy, there are definitely options.
The facilities and buildings at Meadowdale High school are recent enough. We do not have major problems with the buildings and have ample facilities. Technology-wise, Meadowdale is consistently trying to improve on computer use, wireless, etc. Administration is always there to help you, especially the nice guidance office. Two things though: I really with recycling was enforced better and the school nurse is only here on wednesdays. What the heck.
The teachers at Meadowdale tend to be on the better side. Of course, it varies like any other high school, but there tends to be more teachers that truly care about you and their job rather than teachers that don't.
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Although I can't speak for the PE Classes, Meadowdale takes immense pride in their sport teams. Our teams have consistently shown themselves to be one of the best in the region.
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