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I really enjoyed how diverse Meadowcreek High School was. I would have loved to see more of that diversity throughout the entire school. I also would have liked for the administration to communicate more with the students and ask what they were in need of.
The teachers and counselors are very nice and helpful. They are open to listening to students. There are so many opportunities provided for students such as work based learning which is another step forward into careers and future desired of students.
The past 4 years of Meadowcreek High school has been worth attending. The culture and student involvement is tremendous which allows you to share relationships with the teachers. I have been part part of the Meadowcreek High school football team and experience I had was support from families, teachers and friends. It has been exciting knowing that your school is and will always be a school that brings students out of a shell spreading good vibes.
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Meadowcreek isnt what people think it is. We have so much school spirit and pride and we are always determined as a school. I love going here and glad i got to experience my high school activitys here
The school is big and there are many things you can do. The student life is amazing because everyone is connected to each other in some way. There are programs for everyone that most schools don't provide. The diversity within the school is amazing there is like one big cultural diffusion. The safety in the school is great the campus police are ready for anything they even stop and ask you is everything ok and how your day is going.
Just another highschool. came in and came out. It isn't really different from any other highschool. It's pretty boring after going 4 years and I would recommend it if you like diversity. yeah that's meadowcreek
I like that Meadowcreek High School is very accessible and has amazing =, wonderful students, teachers, administrators, etc. There are a few head-scratching rules that Meadowcreek has, such as only 1 earphone in the hallways. They should either make a rule of no earphones in the hallway or no restrictions for earphones at all.
I like how diverse we are and that if we need help anyone will gladly help. I wouldn't want to change anything
Meadowcreek High school has a diverse student body, which creates an amazing experience. Since I entered Meadowcreek, it has always provided a welcoming environment, because students are able to associate with students form other cultures and be able to learn new information. Meadowcreek also provides multiple clubs and organizations, that make the student body be engaged with the school and community.
Meadowcreek highschool is a very good school. At first it can seem intimidating, however after you’ve settled in things there will start to feel more like home to you than any other school in the county.
Meadowcreek High School has improved tremendously academically and physically. Meadowcreek was a school others used to look at as “not good enough” and now they look at us as the best. I’m incredibly proud how far my school has come. All the students and staff are incredibly determined.
Meadowcreek High School has a great school environment that embraces their great diversity central to the school culture. Throughout my years there, Meadowcreek has shown great improvement, especially in sports and technology. I appreciate the wide array of AP classes and extracurriculars offered to students. An improvement that could be made is allowing students to let themselves choose to be in an AP class if they want to.
Meadowcreek High School provides an exciting and welcoming home to all students. As a student, I am encouraged to participate in numerous school activities and leadership roles which includes: student council, key club, environmental club, and many more. Meadowcreek has students of many backgrounds, our school provides a nonjudgemental and safe place to uphold and gain education.
I graduated from this school and I can say is that it did not prepare me for what was to come. Everything needs improvement. The teachers were incompetent and they were many cases of students dropping out because of this.
Overall, Meadowcreek High School has improved very well over the past years I've been a student there. The principal got Principal of the year award and our robotics team won state. The school is continuing to improve and better their students and staff. One thing I would want they to improve on is the involvement of all their students. Meadowcreek High is a diverse school and not everyone can understand English, in speech or writing. Overall I rate my school 4 out of 5 stars.
My overrall experience at Meadowcreek High School was exceptional. The clubs, programs, and many other opportunities they had to offer here were endless. Although some caught attention more than others, the students and faculty that showed their interest was genuine and it made such experiences worth it. Student council and Key Club especially; with Trunk or Treat being popular amongst the local community, it promoted a lot of community involvement and clubs are even able to raise money for their future events. Key Club participated in a lot of events in and outside the community such as the Atlanta AIDS Walk and Toys for Tots. The student body is able to make things that may seem small appear much bigger because of the genuine interests and passion they choose to share and provide for the things that they care about within their school.
Meadowcreek gets a pretty bad rep because of a few past incidents and out many years of pitiful football seasons, but when you look past all of that, the Creek is a pretty good school. It took time to grow attached to, a process that I can only imagine happens to everyone, but I love it all the same. I might not miss it that much now, but it will always have a special place in my memories since it gave me so many that I'll never forget.
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Meadowcreek is not what everyone thinks it is. It has improved a lot considering its past reputation. A change I would like to see would have to be the change in the parent involvement; I just don't think there is enough.
Meadowcreek High School gave me many opportunities to go above and beyond but also lacked focus in other regards such as college readiness.
My experience with Meadowcreek High school greatly shaped who the person I am today. My goal is to create massive opportunities for myself in order to help others in my area. That is by learning new things every single day and achieving my goals and aspirations. My dream is that people will spread love and happiness to one another because if we do not get along then no progress to a better world will be made. I have bestowed support and kindness to the people around me and respect their decisions. However, at the same time, I would tell people what is right which is building relationships because it does not matter how much money a person can attain if he or she is not working to become a better person of themselves and not building great relationships then, that money is useless. And I learned and took these values in Meadowcreek High school.
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