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Meadowbrook Middle School Reviews

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For me as parent Meadow is a good school like all other school only discipline your kid at home to be focus when the teacher's is working to follow them instruction and you will see the success...
Meadowbrook made me who I am today they have good help and alot of resources and chances to get yourself back together it's never to late to change from bad to good nothing should change but the food
This is a below average school, however it has some great teachers who are dedicated to bringing the best out of their students. I feel bad for the administration because parent engagement is very low and behavioral problems are very high. Most times these issues delay teaching and I'll admit their academics are below average, when I switched to this school they wanted to pump me up from the 6th grade to the 8th grade cause I already knew all the material. It wasn't necessarily that I was above grade level, but that academics there are below grade level. This school didn't prepare me for high school. ESOL/Hispanics students were often bullied by black students, sometimes they used to hit us but administrators would suspend the hispanic student and do nothing about the black student who started the confrontation. Racial tension was high. It got to a point that a few Hispanic teachers used to watch over when we walked to class cause bullying was getting out of control.
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meadowbrook had great teachers willing to help, but there needed to be more disciplenary actions take because there was lots of fights and students were out of control.
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