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MBK has great teachers and administrators overseeing and teaching a very diverse student body. It also has an average variety of courses as well as the additional courses offered as part of the TWO 'specialty centers' hosted there- the Meadowbrook Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs and the International Baccalaureate programs. There is a wide variety of clubs and after school activities, ranging from robotics and gaming clubs to the typical athletic groups such as track/indoor track, football, soccer, etc.
I like the overall diversity and caring of the faculty and staff. The counseling staff take their time to explain my grades and help me set my academic goals. I also love the International Baccalaureate Specialty School. It is the greatest experience ever.
I would like to see better test scores.I would like more educational opportunties that can prepare me and my fellow students for college.Meadowbrook High school is a good high school.Its not the best school in the county but I love it.There is some kids that just do not care about school and that is kinda getting in my way.They used to have a bad reputation and they are now trying to get rid of it.I would like to get into my dream college and I do not want what high school I came from to get in my way.Other high schools prepare there students more for college.Meadowbrook only talks to the older kids about college they should talk to everyone.It is never to early to start learning about college.Besides that I made a lot of friends and the teachers are amazing and they care about every single one of us.
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I liked the teacher's here, but some of the students are very immature and disrespectful to the adults. I also feel that our school doesn't get nearly as much funding as some other Chesterfield County Public Schools.
The school has multiple opportunities for a career especially for college. But the school lacks a good amount of teachers in very large classrooms. There is much less one on one teaching due to the numbers of students.
The safety is lower than expected because the students are not being monitored correctly in the halls. Many kids do things that are against the rules and many teachers and staff do not care.
This school is good because it's diverse, but let me finish. Diversity opens up your mind to perspectives that are incredibly unique. It prepares you for life, as you are exposed to more of the world. If you care enough about not being close-minded and educate yourself (outside of school) then you have a better understanding of things you used to judge (ex. fighting, misbehavior, authority abusing power) so you can use your knowledge and fight back.
My overall experience at Meadowbrook was pretty enjoyable to be honest, as a troubled teenager they assisted me in getting my behavior turned around and using my intelligence in the right way and did not discriminate against me for being a problem child.
Meadowbrook High School has a reputation for being one of the worst school in Chesterfield County, and I can see why it gets that reputation. Fights happen every so often and some students aren’t serious about their education and how they are portrayed, which is their choice. However, there is an abundance of students that attend Meadowbrook that care about their education that do not engage in fights or instagram them, and I was one of those students. Being an “outsider” or “nerd” (as some would call it) put me with people that had the same mindset as me and were just as quirky as I was. That is why I had such an excellent time at Meadowbrook.
Meadowbrook High School is a great school all around. The teachers, staff, and administrators are all well organized and present themselves in a manner fitting of their position. They are not afraid to express themselves and are their anytime a student my need them. Although, clubs and activities take a hit at this school because of its past I believe Meadowbrook has all of the cards necessary to build itself back up and has already started.
I've been at Meadowbrook High School for a year now and I can saw that this school is not what people say it is. Yes we do have students that act up but that's not the whole school
My experience in meadowbrook was not the best but it was alright. No I didn’t like the school because there was a lot of uncessary rules and regulations. The administration was also very unorganized there also were teachers that were disrespectful towards students. They also put students over other students and that wasn’t fair in my eyes because we’ve all worked very hard to get to where we are they shouldn’t have put anybody above anybody else. But other then that there were some really good teachers that were willing to help students and push them to do better.
It is a culturally diverse school. It has a variety of classes that lets you express yourself. I really enjoyed being at Meadowbrook High School I am graduating tomorrow. The school gave me lots of memories. And lots of friends.
Meadowbrook was a medium sized high school when I went there. It has grown considerably to accommodate a much larger student body. Academics were a strong point during my era, several teachers received national awards.
Well throughout my four years at Meadowbrook I can honestly say I had great time. I've met very cool people and teachers. I love how teachers and staff treat students like family. I loved the fun events we would put together. I do feel like we need to help encourage better relationships within the student.
Meadowbrook was a place to grow- the language classes, the dedicated guidance counselors (who knew your name, and went out of their way to find you and make college/trade school possible), teachers who didn't give up. In a lot of schools, good kids get pushed to the back burner so that attention and time can be given to kids who need a bit more patience or explanation-but more teachers/assistants would be assigned to a class so that everyone was given the same amount of educational time. Meadowbrook is also diverse- there are people from everywhere, Japanese language classes. French language classes- amongst many African exchange students, and Spanish speakers. It is a delightful school, with so much to share. There are also clubs for everyone (recycling clubs, anime clubs, sports clubs, book clubs.) The library is very up to date with new books, and every kind of research tool-the staff is also excellent.
The staff is great but the classmates sometimes don't care about school and it gets loud sometimes which is quite annoying but other than that I still enjoy going to school at meadowbrook high school
At Meadowbrook High School, you can find people with diverse backgrounds and cultures. I love that Meadowbrook celebrates the diversity of students and encourages students to be proud of who they are. The teachers and administration are extremely dedicated to helping students achieve. However, many students do not have the drive and desire to succeed in high school. I wish that students would care more about their future and work to make an impact in the school. Nevertheless, there are many students who wish to see their peers succeed and wish to create change through systems of helping fellow students, the community, and internationally. There are tutoring and mentoring programs in place aimed at helping students who are struggling. The clubs at Meadowbrook sponsor many donation events to help the community.
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Meadowbrook High School overall is a very good school. It provides a educational environment that promotes learning and the well being of the students. Although, the facilities and the food could use a little work.
My experience at Meadowbrook has been wonderful; I've made a various amount of friends and have become well-involved with school activities. I've started a badminton club at my school my sophomore year along with a few of my other friends; I have been a member ever since.
I love my friends and some of the teachers are helpful. The teachers are helpful and always informative. We have several clubs and activities to get involve with. They have provided college information and make sure we are ready to apply.
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