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I really liked the staff. The teachers and staff were so caring about seeing their students succeed and were always so helpful. I would like to see a change in the school by their views. It’s seems sports were more focused on than education and I think that should be flipped. Overall I had a very good experience and I was prepared for college!
Meadowbrook High school is an amazing school. It has excellent facilities and staff. It also has many amazing AP class choices. The sports programs are outstanding and have coaches that care about their athletes. Changes I would like to see are better provisions for teachers working there and more Equipment for hands on learning.
As a student in this district for twelve years I have been highly satisfied with the academics of this school. The dual enrollment opportunities are outstanding and are unmatchable to surrounding schools. Not to mention the classes and teachers do an amazing job at getting students ready for college.
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My experience has been an a amazing experience, everyone is very kind and helpful and our sports teams are great and the support is tremendous.
Meadowbrook High School has provided me with College Credit Plus. The opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Meadowbrook has a fully renovated college lab that is full of Macbook Airs. Also, you can take classes from other high schools through the Polycom if Meadowbrook doesn't offer it.
Meadowbrook High School offers opportunities that you cannot get at every school. They supply every student with an I-Pad and use apple TVs in the classroom so they are very up to date technology wise. From what I have seen there doesn't seem to be any problems with bulling or a surplus of bad things happening. The only down fall with this school is they are more worried about sports and fund them more than education or other extra curricular activities.
I loved graduating from here. I am proud to be an alumni. This school's College Credit Plus program is phenomenal! It's great college prep, and it's FREE.
There are a lot of college courses available, though this can sometimes be an issue when underclassmen who are not college ready are allowed to take them because "they look good" on their transcript until they fail. Common core classes, everything you need
There is not a lot of diversity or acceptance running rampant. There is plenty of normal peer pressure. Student involvement is good in most things.
There are the typical clubs, but there is not much involvement besides athletics and music.
Though my high school experience is biased due to personal issues, I would choose to go to this school if I could do it all over again because if I did not, I would not have met the wonderful people who I have in my life, and I might not be alive today to tell you that. The people in this school are incredible, and they saved me. I know because of them, I will do great things.
Every school has those few teachers or administration who don't care or who only care about their status, not the kids. Most of the teachers at my school, however, are very engaging, friendly and supportive. Many of us have personal relationships with teachers through family or friends. The teachers are very consistent, approachable and willing to help anyone who needs it.
The teachers were very friendly for the most part, but for most of my high school experience as I look back on it I realize that w all should have gotten more out of it than what we actually did. There could definitely be more changes for the teacher and student relationships to be stronger or better.
Our Superintendent cares a lot for our school.
I loved my high school. Had many great experiences with teachers and friends there.
My favorite experiences has been playing basketball and becoming a FFA member.
I'm glad I went there but there were a lot of bad things that went on. The teachers gossiped about students and even bullied and harassed students. Everyone cared about athletics and not enough about learning. There were some nice and helpful teachers who really cared but they were few and far between. My favorite class was Spanish class with Mrs. Stevens. She was the only teacher who actually cared about the well-being of students. Overall, I had a decent experience there, but for many students, it was horrible.
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The security measures at the school at fairly good. All doors stay locked and cameras secure the building. The office must electronically let you in, but there are not metal detectors or anything of the sort.
It would be better to have some more healthy options in the cafeteria.
There is definitely favoritism in our school system-- some can get away with things that others would not. Detentions are handed out instead of trying to find the root of the problem. Staff not involved or interested in trying to be part of the solution. TERRIBLE guidance counselors.
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