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The school itself is very safe. There are gates around the school and a set up to where not anyone can just walk into the school. They have protocols to protect students against weather and fire.
I love the personalized learning experience and that all of my teachers care about me. The classrooms and cafeteria at my school are beautiful as well as the courtyard and pavilion.
Meadowbrook is a great school. It is a small school, but that makes everyone closer. It is like a second family. The teachers and administration love the students. They all go out of their way to help students succeed. The only problem with it being so small is that it doesn't have some of the things that bigger public schools have. If I were to change one thing, I would make the athletic department better funded. Meadowbrook has golf, cross country, basketball, cheer leading, baseball, and softball. I wish there were a football, a track team, and a soccer team. Despite the lack of some sports and equipment, I would highly recommend Meadowbrook.
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I love the Christ centered education and the staff is very committed to ensuring that each student had a biblical worldview
The Academics of Meadowbrook are superior and definitely allow students to get the upper hand in that aspect. I feel as though the classes are more difficult and prepare high school students for college. There is no guidance counselor and for the most part unless you are a faculty members child or favorite you will get no help when it comes to college readiness, nor how to apply for financial aid. This school is not exempt from bullying or unfairness unfortunately. The faculty here are mostly great, however you do have a few that take advantage of certain family situations when it comes to tuition and/or requirements. The academics, diversity, sports, clubs, safety, and few faculty members are what keeps this school together.
I have been in meadowbrook academy for 7 years and I know plenty about the school, it's flaws and perks in all. Let's talk about the teachers, there are some very unreasonable teacher expecially the pe teacher(husband of the principal) who rides around on a golf cart and sells chips to kids and has claimed in the past since he is the principals husband and the husband "controls the wife" he controls the school. I have built a large amount of dislike for the physical education portion of this school. The sports system and clubs are lacking, and in all while since this is such a small school they barely have enough for the teams. There are some teachers who have become almost family to me and I will never forget them ,but others I would rather not see again in my life.
- from an a,b student
The safety of this school is one of the top priorities in the school. The staff would like for the students to feel like they are safe and protected at school.
There are many options to what clubs and extracurricular activities to choose from at Meadowbrook. What I love about the clubs at Meadowbrook are that they interact with many different grades so you are able to meet new people and interact not only with people in your class but with students in middle and high school.
It was an amazing experience to be at Meadowbrook Academy. The staff and faculty at Meadowbrook truly care and are loving to each and every student. The teachers not only teach the students how to be able to learn what is taught in the text books but also how to apply it in everyday life, whether it is Bible lessons in Kindergarten or Economics in 12th grade. I would highly recommend Meadowbrook Academy to anyone in the Ocala area.
My school has PE for kindergarten to high school freshman. After freshman year, you can take a varsity sports elective which is basically PE. We have all the sports that the students are interested in like volleyball, cross country, basketball, cheerleading, softball and baseball. Any one who does the sports always give their all and everyone has fun while doing it.
The academics are excellent. It is challenging but is never to much to handle. My school's normal class is like a class at any other school but a grade ahead. Honors classes adds a little extra to the work we do but never too much. It's usually just a project and essay per nine weeks. Anyone can be eligible for honors as long as they have a 3.5 gpa or higher.
There really arent too many extracurricular activities at Meadowbrook but sports is the biggest. Each sport is usually filled because alot of students love and enjoy basketball, baseball, cross country, etc. The most fun sports are probably basketball and cheerleading. Meadowbrook goes all out for Homecoming. Pep rally, homecoming court, cheerleading dance, you name it, we most likely do it.
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