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Meadow Valley Middle School Reviews

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The teachers gave us work to do, taught us how to use a computer, and tried to work with us in choosing our classes
Bullying and safety weren't too much of an issue, but there wasn't a lot of monitoring going on, either. There isn't a school nurse, but I never noticed much need for one.
There was very little variety. We had only the most basic of sports, and a few classes like art, band, and choir. The art program has always struggled where I live, and I know that some teachers are trying to offer more of the arts classes, but there is still a long way to go.
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When I was at this school, the teachers were alright. There were times when individual needs were neglected, but for the most part, I enjoyed my classes and I liked my teachers.
The two years I spent at this school were the beginning of a lot of stress, mental and emotional. The homework was harder than I was used to, because I had just moved from elementary school to junior high. Whether or not most of my friends were actually my friends was debatable. But, the teachers were nice and since it was a small school, most of the students got one-on-one help, most of the time.
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