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My experience at Meadow Highschool has been fairly average and has helped me learn what I needed to in order to pass onto the next chapter of my life, college. One of the great qualities is that its a very small school which makes working with teachers much easier since their attention is only on select few students. I'd like to see more engaging things happen at the school that result in more exciting times rather than boring days.
My first years here were great. The past few years have been challenging with the new management and constant changes.
New and learning. The older ones are very knowledgeable.
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There all quite the character
Good place to grow and learn from surroundings
i really enjoyed being at this school the experience was pleasant
not really cultural diverse but the people are all readily acceptable and nice
the academics area is pretty good here but it isnt very difficult for smarter students
the program isnt the greatest but the kids and athletes are excellent
the food is pretty good but it isnt the greatest by far
Safety in this school is a big key thing but the health services are not the greatest
The school has an after school athletic program that is amazing. There are people who don't participate but most do. Everyone who participates is in great physical condition and is of good character.
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