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Although the school has good academics I believe the school should be more diverse and equal. I had a good experience with great teachers , the school is located in a small area which is why many staff member and students know each other and creates a friendly vibe around.
The atmosphere of the school was just amazing! Kids of all ages, whether 6 or 13, were just always so happy and peppy,and school was enjoyable. Our principals always had the best announcements in the morning to give you a nice little pep in your step. Also throughout the year, our school always had different but enticing assemblies of all kinds ,some historical and informative, and others were just for student enjoyment. If i could do over my school, I totally would! It would just be another nine years of fundamental learning and recess time!
I loved my time at my old school/ There were so many friendly, wonderful, inspirational teachers who definitely went above and beyond to help students in need. They would always ask if you needed help with something, and were always availible if you needed any assistance. they often played many games in relation to the subject we were discussing as part of review or just to keep class fun and interesting. They were very interactive with the students in class when they were teaching something, like frequently asking different students to explain how to do it or have us a whole. The teachers were definitely fun, easygoing, and made learning extremely fun and classroom were just all lively and bubbly with happy kids who loved to learn.
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They had some exceptional teachers whose hands were often tied.
They are slowly advancing from 1970's & 1980's views,,
They should partner with the business to give low income kids something to do after school
It started very good, then progressively got worse. When my son left it was on the up swing again.
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