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Meadow Montessori School Reviews

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What’s not to like about meadow? Phenomenal teachers and staff. Such a wonderful and loving environment!! When i send my kid to school i have no doubt in my mind that he’s being loved and cared for! Keep up the great work.
Meadow Montessori School in Monroe is the best example of universal learning design, that allows the student to be comfortable in their physical environment for optimal learning. The learning plans are also individualized to work from students strengths. MMS approach education holistically and developmentally.
I'm very thankful that my parents sent me and my brother to Meadow Montessori School for our elementary through high school years. We loved it! AP course offerings and the option to take college courses at MCCC while in high school were awesome, and I had a great head start by the time I started college for real. My parents say their only regret was not finding out about Meadow Montessori sooner! :)
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There really is no bullying at this school: students truly respect one another in all areas. The community is very diverse across religions, nationalities, socio-economic status, students with learning disabilities, even transgender students.
They have a good variety of extra-curricular activities, and if there is something that is missing, it's easy to meet with the Head of School to look into creating a new club or program. Students are largely active in after-school events and clubs, and parents are very supportive of the activities.
I love this school, and I am so glad that my parents worked hard to be able to send me there.
These teachers are excellent. Montessori is a very unique philosophy, and the teachers stand behind this style of teaching/learning 100%. Small classrooms allow for individualized learning, and the teachers work hard for somewhat low wages (it's a non-profit independent school). Students know they can trust and rely on their teachers for anything, and there is a mutual respect between the staff and the students.
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