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Meadow Hill Global Explorations Magnet School Reviews

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Everything is very organized, but for 7th and 8th grade students, there is only one teacher for each subject.
Students with allergies are required to bring their own lunch.
Principal is not involved with students. Guidance counselors only help students when a teacher refers them. Office staff is very unfriendly and not helpful. Bullying is addressed, but no action is taken when it becomes a problem. Dress codes are not enforced, attendance is taken lightly.
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Teachers leave air conditioning on most of the time, even in the winter. Barely any heat comes out of the heaters, or blows out cold air. It is in the school's last regards to fix heating. There are computers and laptops, but rarely used. There is practically no involvement from guidance counselors, no college prep sources, no tutoring, and very little parent involvement. The busing is adequate.
Students typically are not involved in activities, peer pressure is based on who to hate, not much acceptance of ideas and beliefs between peers, strong racism.
The teachers are somewhat easy to talk to. Their teaching styles are effective, but only to students willing to try hard. Only few teachers take interest in students.
There are no sports at this school, if students want to take part in any athletics teams, they have to travel to another school's team.
There are no clubs at the school, except for jazz band, which is only available for concert band students, and the math club, which only accepts up to about 12 members.
Students are not as friendly/fair as they should be. Bullying is an issue in this school that is taken lightly. There is a counselor in the school, but only there for special needs students. There are no metal detectors upon walking into the building, but there is security at the front desk when you walk in who will unlock the front door and the door to get into the school. There are no police on the premises. The school nurse is not very helpful and usually just sends students home for their families to deal with them. The school is somewhat safe, but the security treats younger students like they should be older.
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