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We offer the common core classes and depending on the teacher you will get an earful of anything. It's pretty much the same stuff taught in most schools in the area and the neighboring areas. Scheduling process I never had trouble because I picked my classes and that was it. Popular Classes and Special Study Options - There is no popular class, each class is a required class or you're taking to be with a friend and there isn't a popular class, it's all even amongst the school. Special Study Options are between you and the teacher.
I have expressed the fact that perfect isn't real. We haven't died from anything at the school and I know no one that has. Some students, including myself, have a mental disorder in which they have trouble understanding exactly what is happening and sometimes we'll get paranoid or we jump to conclusions. Not everyone is this way, but we seem to always forget to think and we're worried about one thing and it gets to us.
Meadow Heights offers Band, Choir, FFA, Yearbook/Newspaper, National Beta Club, FCCLA, Junior Beta, Student Council, Art Club, and Drama Club. Within the past 3 years, I have seen clubs come and go. Junior Beta was added for the Jr. High and Freshman students to be invited into Beta Club. The Drama Club is new and we have not had one for 6 or 7 years - almost all clubs participated in our Veteran's Day Assembly on November 11th, 2015, which I had filmed. We were praised for such an amazing presentation. Our extracurricular opportunities can help you be active in school and more importantly make you feel a lot better about yourself.
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Meadow Heights is a small school. We have Pre-School all the way up to High School in one building pretty much. It's located where a meadow was years ago and a meadow is like a hay field. Patton, Missouri is a rural area. Some people don't know it exists. We enjoy our farming, but we embrace technology. Our school is built on that. That's how we learned, that's we lived and will probably continue to. Sometimes the same boys who were almost Jock-like, drove a tractor at home and was active in the FFA. We have this weird so of homey, country like feel, but it's got that public school, not really city-like, but community like mix in there. It's a weird mix. And I couldn't love it anymore. I hated how I felt like I was worthless and everyone hated me and sometimes I believed that, but then I seen that there were people who would go above and beyond to make sure I'm okay and I'm safe. People give Meadow Heights a bad wrap, mostly because of they way they handle sports, discipline, education, and sometimes everything. Schools aren't meant to be this perfect daycare for your children - school is an institution where you learn, academically, athletically, socially, and emotionally. if you cannot learn how to deal with what's going on, you cannot learn at all. If it's so unjust, then it would be obvious in today's day in age - so obvious it wouldn't be there.
I have went to Meadow Heights since kindergarten. Over the years I think I gravitated more towards the teachers because when I was finding out about myself and being open, they really seemed like they understood me more than the students.

Sometimes I feel like I did something wrong, but never know exactly what I had done. I have always had the teachers, counselors, and the staff on my side - by that I mean that I could trust them and they can trust me. The teachers were always firm, smart, and fun. Sometimes you didn't get the fun part until you could handle the firm and smart part. Nonetheless, I learned a lot at Meadow Heights. I learned work is important and being honest is better than trying to look like you've done some hard work when you hadn't and you guessed on every answer of your Math homework. The teachers were forgiving though. They told you, but you had better listened. If you didn't, that was your fault.The teachers always seemed to grade when they felt like they needed too, what I mean by that is, they would let us grade our own work by the them we reached 3rd grade - except tests. Sometimes, we would have to check and see if the grades were figured right. People aren't perfect, and unfortunately, teachers are no exception. Mistakes were made often, but the beauty of it is when the teacher realized they had made a mistake - some of the students should of learned, though.
I have gone to this school since I was in Kindergarten. It is very helpful knowing everyone in your school. The only problem with that is you may not always have good influences when it comes to your friends. I would choose this school again if I had to do it all over because I am so used to the small class sizes. The small class sizes make it easier to learn.
Our scheduling process here is very easy thanks to our counselor and the workload we get is manageable with all the sports and clubs we have available.
Our school is good about controlling bullying and safety issues.
There are many clubs that people can join and be a large part in. Although our athletics don't win much, we have close knit teams, and semi-good coaches.
The food use to be amazing! Ever since Michelle Obama made the regualtions, food has been tasting terrible, and we don't have enough food to fill us up. I normally eat two things off my tray, and am still hungry afterwards.
Our principal is very involved along with our counselor. Office staff are friendly and helpful. Bullying is there but not very prevalent. The attendance is high, but our dress code is dumb. I feel as if they care more about what I wear more than my education.
We have an awesome Student Resource officer, but our nurse is weird and always nervous about our health. If we need tylenol for a headache, she takes our temperature and sends us home with notes.
The teachers are very caring, and try to help you advance in life not just in school.
This school has helped make me who I am today and I love the people here.
Our school is great with what we got.
Our school is the best compared to the surrounding schools. We make the most we can with the money were granted.
Most teachers keep good relationships with the students.
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Beta, FCCLA, FFA, Art club, Pep club.
I rank this as okay because the dress code is not always the same for everyone.
Our school doesn't exactly cook great food all the time but most days its okay.
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