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Meadow Bridge High School Reviews

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My experience at Meadow Bridge High School, well that's a good topic of discussion but there may not be enough words to describe it. My experience has been both good and bad, the parts that were good were really good there was laughs spent at football games with friends, there was all four years of homecomings spent working on floats, but the bad times they were the downfall of my high school from being bullied in my freshmen year to never being fully recognized for my academic achievements. There are a few things that I would like to change before I leave high school, and that is being bullying problem that this high school has, the constant ridiculing of the students that are not the athletes and being looked down upon because you are not on a sports team. I would also make some improvements to the classes that are available, and allow more classes to be possible to take to enhance our education.
I love our small close community school where we all know each other. I wouldn't want to change anything about it because it would be weird to not have things the same as they have always been. I love that the high school, middle school and elameentry school are in the same place because familys are near each other if something is needed.
I feel safe enough at my school.
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The school that I attend is the absolute best. I would never want to go to another school. My most favorite parts are homecoming and football games.
Overall, I love my school and the people.
We have a health center beside the school as well as a clinic a couple miles from the school. The safety policies are takin very seriously.
There are several clubs for students to join. FCA goes to college football games and basketball games throughout the school year.
My years at Meadow Bridge High School have been great and something I wouldn't change. I have attended Meadow Bridge schools since Pre-K and I will soon become an alumni from Meadow Bridge. I have played sports, was president of the archery club, and an honor roll student. I have made many memories at Meadow Bridge with my friends as well as with the teachers. A favorite experience I have at Meadow Bridge would be when all the students and faculty went outside and cleaned up all the garbage around the school to keep it looking clean and respectable for the Playoffs when other schools came here to play. Meadow Bridge is a unique school because everyone who is in the community offers to help to keep the school open. We are a small community and the school is what keeps this town alive. Friday nights are full of excitement in football season. Everyone in the town shows up for a football game. Everyone cares about this school, it holds a very special place in my heart.
The teachers at Meadow Bridge High School are very knowledgeable and help the students in any way they can to help a student achieve their goal. The teachers are very kind, and communicate very well with the students. Each teacher has their own unique grading skill, but any staff member working in the school is willing to help a student pass a class the student is struggling in. Meadow Bridge High School is one of the best places to receive an education, it is a small school and the teachers help in any way they can to help a student!
So far my experience at this school has been decent. I am not one for making a lot of friends. I am here to get my work done and graduate.
Meadow Bridge has a certain uniqueness about them that all the surrounding schools are jealous of. We stick together as a community and work towards things we believe in. We may be a small school and a small community but we are strong. There are quite a few things that I adore at Meadow Bridge; the size of the school is a big thing for me because I am shy, I like to fit in and that is easy to do here. Another thing is how the teachers are with the students here, were more of a family than a faculty- student relations. I love that! What isn't to love about Meadow Bridge, honestly. As happy as I am to graduate this year, I would come back in a heartbeat. I sure am going to miss it!
As most schools, teachers and other faculty will speak to you if they notice something is wrong, but will not go out of their way to make sure.
Although the teaching is very thorough, there are not a lot of extra class options.
Although the school is small and tight-knit, it's not always great to have everyone know your business, in school or not.
Our school has food like most- ninety percent of it is disgusting, but then you have, pizza, chicken nuggets, and hoagies. There was an attempt to start a salad bar, but it never went through.
I believe the involvement of the principle and office staff are fairly average for school policies.
The school has several clubs available to join, but all meetings are during school and rather irregular.
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In such a small school, the teachers are easy to get along with, yet are still able to complete their duties as an instructor.
The students are very supportive of each other no matter what sport is being played. You can find almost everyone at a football game and basketball bleachers are packed. Players and coaches also value good sportsmanship.
Our computer labs contain old, slow computers. However, two years ago we acquired new laptops which have been very helpful, although mostly used for testing.
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