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The diversity is definitely something admirable in which all the students and faculty like about being enrolled in this school, sports are great and the teachers seem to truly care about their students' successes.
Some of my teachers really look at ways to push me to the fullest potential. Some classes the teachers aren't as attentive. My counselor are looking at ways to find scholarship information so that I can continue my education.
Meade High school is an average high school. The teachers are amazing and the programs here are good. There are many opportunities in this school. The PLTW Classes are a good way to get into the engineering field.
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I love the IB Program but that is it mostly. The staff and teachers in the program that are teaching it are very friendly and helpful. Teachers that are teaching standard courses are rude and ignorant. Also, the diversity is amazing in the school.
I have been going to Meade for 3 years and it has opened so many opportunities for me. My school has so much to offer in programs. I am in the IB program which can be challenging at times but it has so many benefits. The teachers are very involved in educating students and teach extremely well. The only thing I would change about my school is the amount of students who aren't willing to take advantage of what Meade has to offer. My school is very diverse which gives the students at my school the opportunity to learn about other cultures. By having diversity it is beneficial because it prepares us students for the real world, in the real world their isn't just one race or one culture. I would recommend my school to anyone who wants to be well rounded in life because my school gives you that opportunity. I am proud to say I am a Meade Mustang.
I am an IB student at Meade High I love the program, everything about it. Being in IB is like being in a private school within a public school. Class sizes are smaller for IB students. The school itself could use some work but it’s all about education!
More involved with students with college readiness. Have better counselors to talk with students throughout the high school year. Inform students about scholarships that they can get and how to get them. Have the sports team more exposure to colleges so they can be considered for a sports scholarship
Over the years the school has allowed me to grow into a new and improved version of myself. Sure the looks aren't the best and there are a few troublemakers that give it a bad reputation, but the classes offered, activities offered as well as the teachers make the experience worthwhile.
My overall high school experience here was trash. No school spirit from teachers or student . The School was just depressing. If you have another option go with the other one, if you want to actually enjoy your last years of high school
- I would like to see more faculty involvement in school clubs and activities especially the clubs and groups looking to grow and develop without sponsors.
It is all about the people you hang around with in this school. It is easy to get sucked into the wring crowd and people ae very rude. The professors aren't all the best the principle has a good heart and should switch to a different school because the kids don't deserve him as principle.
Overall, Meade High School lacked complexity in academics and teachers. My experience there was certainly disappointing in terms of education, however, the numerous amount of diverse individuals who attended Meade High allowed me to befriend many wonderful people. The clubs that were offered there greatly varied, providing me with many opportunities to escape my comfort zone, such as Student Magazine. My wish for Meade High School is to improve in cleanliness in all facilities and to hire more stern teachers who are willing to impel us into becoming successful in the future.
I am an IB student at Meade and I really like the school. The people are good and yes I know there are bad people at Meade but if you surround yourself with good people you will be fine. Also, the administration is good, especially our principle Mr.Yore, he is a very good principle. I remember my freshman year (2015) there was so many fights but the number of fights has been decreasing and there will never be not fights but its at a good point right now when you hear about it here and there. The teachers are also very good, they care alot about their students. I havent had a teacher who didnt care or try.
It was great going to Meade the sports the atmosphere of the school was filled with greatness nobody was ever left out and it was very diverse and the teacher wanted everyone to be prepared for college
My experience was not terrible. I stayed with a relatively good group of kids and avoided any drama. But I have witnessed and heard unpleasant things from the school. The school’s cleanliness is low, the culture is eh, people fight and rebel against authority; but the teachers are great (as long as you treat them with respect), and there’s a diversity of backgrounds in the students and teachers. My friends from the theater program will tell you that program is awesome.
When attending Meade High, one will experience the typical high school life. Most of the students at Meade are very friendly and sympathetic to each other. I wouldn't say that there is anything particularly extravagant about my school but I will say that the Principal, Mr. Yore (or Papa Yore to many of the students) is very involved in student life. The students (at least the junior and senior class) is heavily school-spirited. In all of the chaos, the faculty continuously figures new ways to make the school a better learning environment. Some of the teachers seem to be caring of the students and make an effort to help a student in need of help. Overall, I would say that one would never be bored at Meade High and the support is never-ending whether it stems from the students or the staff.
What i loved most about Meade High School, as a graduate of Meade, is the unconditional support you get from the teachers there. Sure, some may point out that the literal structure of the institution needs some work, but the support you get from the staff and the students outshines every flaw anyone can think of. The diversity of the population also is tremendous, and learning about a variety of cultures and social practices comes with the school.
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The staff was great and always made sure that you were on top of your work but the students made the experience a little bad because they acted so crazy
Meade has many opportunities for students to become achievers and can be a good starting point. However the school is dirty most of the time and is always known as a bad school. Meade does have good teachers the administration does care.
A good chunk of the rooms in the building lacked windows which kind of made for an isolated atmosphere. The teachers are rather hit and miss, some of them are great and some of them not so much. Their (girls) bathrooms were terrible there, when I attended, with the stall doors being broken.
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