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I absolutely love this place! The teachers in this school are very caring, supportive, and want the best for all the students. Kyle Melloy, WOW! I have never met a better teacher or coach in my life. I love him.
Meade County High School is an amazing school! There are many different organizations and clubs to join during your experience at MCHS. The teachers really care about you and take time to consider your views without judgement. As a Greenwave, you will not feel left out and you will always have someone to talk to.
Meade County has many opportunities for students to take hold of. There are many clubs and activities that students can explore. Recently, every student has received a Chromebook 300e and free lunch/breakfast every day to enhance the learning experience. I'd love to see more arts recognition in the school culture. I'd also love to see more Advanced Placement classes being offered and less students being thrown into them. Meade County is centered in a predominantly Caucasian area, so the lack of ethnic diversity is not the school's fault. Overall, however, Meade County High School is always on the cusp of change with technology and making itself the best it can be.
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I was very fortunate in that I fell into just the right teachers that taught me exactly how I learned. I love all of the teachers that I had, even if I didn't necessarily like them in the moment. All of my teachers there had my best interest at heart, and were there to help me both in school and out.
The teachers aren’t very student oriented. Some teachers care more about the sports they coach or the clubs they teach over academics. The administration doesn’t seem to care about the safety of the students. They seem to care more about money than what students want/need.
Some of the teachers I had were great. But, I’d really like to see students respect the staff more and see teachers be treated better by our administration.
The teachers are really down to Earth and a lot of them care about the students a lot. They treated us like friends.

Food was mostly lackluster and made me sick half of the time. Don't eat school food if you're allergic to soy, wheat, or grain.

Mostly white school, a lot of the students are racist. A lot of the students smoke or vape on school property.

Academics are improving year by year. They just need to stop removing classes and it'll be fine.
I like that the school is very accepting towards students, even those with a difficult background. What I don’t like is how school officials ignore bullying and let the popular students own the place, and not even receive punishment that has been given to others as well as stated in the school handbook.
I had a great time at Meade County High School. I was able to advance my education and meet some great friends. Sports and activities were everywhere, making it easy to become more involved. Overall, I thought that Meade County High School was a great place to be.
My high school experience so far has been great. I am about to graduate and I wouldn't trade the past four years at MCHS for anything. I have been surrounded by supporting teachers and friends that have helped me achieve all of my goals. Meade County High School has helped me become college and career ready and for that I am so thankful. Through my high school I have had many AP classes available to me and have been put through an MNA program to give me a head start in the medical field before I attend college. MCHS does a lot for their students and I have had a great experience.
Meade County High School is a public High School. I, as a current student, have encountered numerous experiences that have been both good and bad.
My high school offers many AP classes. The wonderful part about the AP classes is that they are offered to students and students have a chance of gaining a college credit! If I had to change one thing about AP classes, it would be giving freshmen and sophomores more AP opportunities.
Meade County High School has amazing teachers. The teachers are greatly appreciated, but they never get to request what they want to teach besides a subject. If I had to change one thing about the teachers, it would be for the teachers to be able to have more freedom with their classes they want to teach.
Overall, Meade County High School is a very nice school and the campus is extremely large. I love Meade County High School, but I would definitely make a few adjustments.
Overall a fairly good school. Most of the teachers are kind and supportive. Cleanliness and food could definitely be improved and the computers on campus are quite slow.
Meade County High School is a good school with awesome teachers. They offer many pathways you can take to become college and career ready.
It is a school that isn't too special but isn't a bad inner city public school. It is very strong on the relationships you make with the ones around you and they really focus more of the comfort of students rather than all of our educations. But I learned a lot while in this school system, a ton that will benefit me and my personal life. I appreciate this school and all staff and faculty in it
They take issues seriously when necessary. Needs to quit treating us like little kids though. There has been many cases that they have taken correct precautions with bullying but other times were unnecessary
Everything that was enjoyable came from the students working together or just nice teachers in general.
The food was okay. The sandwiches are inedible. The only reason people ever get them is for the cool ranch Doritos. They also release to many kids at a time to go eat so its overcrowded.
The biggest change that needs to happen is with cubs. No one ever does anything during club days. Good job GSA, we're fighting for transgenders rights by staying on our cellphones for almost two hours.
I liked the teachers and administrators, however I did not like the career pathways, I feel like as high school students you should be able to explore your options and figure out the things that you like and dislike.
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My experience in the Meade county high school has been one of the greastet. The teachers are outstanding, and there is such a variety of people that you can talk to, that anyone could feel in place here.
This school is just bout exactly what you would expect from a small rural town. Dip covers the hallways and stairs to a point where the janitors begin to ignore it. The students are either white trash in the aspect of believing they are "ghetto" or extremely "redneck." The school itself has issues with cleanliness and the restrooms are awful. Students with family members as staff also receive extreme favoritism. If i were in charge I would also change our food to be both healthier and actually edible. Some teachers are wonderful people, and others, usually the male teachers, are scary and uncomfortable to their female students. All in all, it is much better than schools out in the bad areas of Louisville, but it isn't the kind of school I would want to send my kids to.
Meade County high school is above avererage in most things. This school really cares about it's students. We have very nutritious lunches. ALOT of clubs you can join. There are many different career pathways and classes you can take that include many certifications. Meade County students are very prepared for the work force. We put alot of energy into vacational jobs such as carpentry and welding. The medical program is very popular and there are classes in everything from Nursing to Emergency Transportation classes. The Agriculture department is also very popular. Our school really values keeping the farming tradition in our county alive. The school really celebrates school pride and sporting events are always packed. Some negatives are that our school isn't very diverse which is something I really value.
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