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Mead Senior High School is a place that really makes you feel like you belong. Mead cares about its student body. I am very happy with how the teachers and staff are at Mead. The classes there are very diverse. At Mead Senior High School, students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement classes which allow students to get college credit. Students can also be enrolled into the running start program where they can go to college and take college courses. Students earn both high school and college credits, allowing them to take college courses without having to pay for the tuition.
Mead Has been a great school and I never would want to go anywhere else. Yes it has its flaws but everyone belongs at Mead High school.
Mead is the best high School ever we have fabulous teachers wonderful administrators a high class principal who tries to make everyone feel welcome and belonged at mead the students are pretty nice a couple can be a little much at times but overall mead is a great school for everyone to get envolved in something magical
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Very positive and fun school. They truly want everyone to feel like they belong. Always have fun events going on to involve all students.
Very caring staff and there are lots of opportunities to get involved for students. Academics have great standards as well.
Mead High School provided all resources necessary to make a student feel involved in the academic community and welcomed anyone without discrimination of religion, ethnicity, orientation or intelligence. The school had excellent staff, well maintained facilities and overall friendly and smart students. I wouldn't change much about Mead other than increasing college readiness for those wishing to chase higher education.
Mead is so bad it puts the T in TRASH! If I could redo high school again I would certainly go far away from Mead
I thought Mead was good at attempting to make all students feel inclusive, and although there were always lots of clicks and some students did not try to incorporate others or make others feel wanted, the staff was amazing at doing this. Almost all the teachers were passionate about what they taught and were there to help the student succeed.
The most lacking part of Mead is it's diversity, but that is not because they are noninclusive but because Spokane isn't diverse in general. Mead has good resources, good staff, and tries very hard to make everyone feel involved and welcome.
I had a lot of fun. There were lots of opportunities and classes to choose from, and all the teachers were fantastic. There was a good balance of social and academic growth, and make at students went out of their way to ensure others were not left out.
Mead is a safe school with great teachers. It is a fairly rich school, so the students are very privileged and often clique-y, but it was overall a great high school experience.
After three different time schedules and two different principals, I can say I had a rather diverse experience over the four years I attended Mead high school. Though many changes were made, I am grateful for the time I had at Mead; I am a better student and person because of it. The administration loves the student body, the teachers care deeply about the education they provide, and the students are engaged with the community. There is not a class I can remember disliking, and the content is not the cause. The teaching staff at Mead is simply top-notch. After finishing my first year in college, I realize how prepared I was to enter higher education.
Everyone says mead is all that but I really don't see it. The principle is nice in all but I think he thinks mead is a Utopia like this perfect place but it's really not you have students with no friends rich blonds who cry if they don't get what they want and annoying popular students plus Mead has a hard time dealing with loosing whenever we loose people are always like that team sucks I can't believe we lost
Mead is a place where everyone knows they belong. There’s always something for someone. We are competitive, but also very creative. There are so many different types of people
The Mead school district is all I have known since 2nd grade. They were a large step up from my previous school district, so I was very behind. However, they never left me in the dust, they always pushed the students to get better. I went from having one of the lowest reading levels in my class to the highest in a matter of two years. I took the AVID program in middle school, and was able to take honors classes in high school. At this point I am a part of the winning state orchestra, three amazing sport teams, two AP classes, and a Biomedical program that I have been apart of for four years which can give me college credit. There is never a limit to the possibilities here, and the teachers and staff are always willing to help. They are not going to treat you like babies, and the school will push you, but if you are not pushed you will never get better. More diversity, and a better facility itself might be nice, since we are now the oldest school in the district.
I hated mead I was all excited to start high school because high school is the best years of your life but when I got there the students were very bitchy most of them were blond snobs everyone either yelled or pushed you down some students got ignored or had no friends Lucky me I transferred when I went to my new high school in California It was amazing everyone was so nice no bullying SO IF YOU CAN TRANSFER PLEASE DO AND TOGETHER WE CAN ESCAPE MEAD!!!
Mead Senior High School was wonderful for the four years that I attended there. Teachers and other faculty members were very friendly and helpful in all endeavors. I learned a lot while I attended there and it set me up well for my college career.
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I enjoyed the culture at this school. Everyone is friendly. The teachers are nice and very helpful to students. We have a good sports program, and they set us up to be ready for college. Our facilities are not the best right now, but in the coming years improvements will be made to this school.
I went to high school here for all four years and I graduated in 2017. I absolutely love Mead High School and the panther community!
A lot of great faculty. I have enjoyed my high school career and met a lot of different kinds of people at school.
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