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I have had a difficult time at school, its too small and if you do not have the right name you are looked down on. Teachers seem like they don't enjoy teaching. There are so many disrespectful students and bullying is never addressed. I am not prepared for college, with limited class choices and teachers who not educated to teach advanced classes, but are hired as the can coach.
It's a good school overall
Just an average s hool. Don't feel unsafe at all.
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Ffa and nhs are fantastic
Teachers are like family. They are always there for you and trurly care about the kids.
They really care about the students
For a small school we are pretty up to date except we don't have the best track and no soccer or hockey programs and we have no pool but we have a amazing volleyball team
I love our school programs and there are a ton I'm in almost all of them they are great and bring entertain and experiences to you high school years.
I feel super safe in my school mostly cause we are smaller and we have never had any threat. Everybody owns gun but no one takes them to school.
Are school need more foreign languages and our music program sucks. curriculum is great up to date, work load pretty hard but if you focus you can get it done.
I've made memories and i know everyone. i know what everyone is doing after high school. I know their families and the offer ton of trips though the programs that I'm. i seen things i never would of seen if i didn't go there.
My school is pretty accepting but it isn't that diverse, there isn't much peer pressure and students are really involve in the school and their work.
The dress code is not to strict but we should be able to wear slippers and tank tops we aren't exposing anything but our arms. The bully codes and rules need to be enforced more, there are some instances where i thought that something need to be done. but everything else seems pretty safe and secure as is.
Mead offers a variety of classes, ranging from general core classes, to AP and honors, that are sure to please any student. Every class is taught by a knowledgeable teacher that teaches at the correct difficulty level and they're all there to help students when help is needed. Students get good grades and test scores at Mead not because it's easy, but because we work really hard and have good teachers that encourage us.
Mead is a great high school dedicated to making sure each student is important. Our teachers are great and really care about improving everyone's knowledge. It's a new school so we have the highest technology, high standards, and everyone works really hard to ensure our school is a safe, happy, learning environment.
Our teachers really care about us and want us to do well. They're available to help and we get lots of one on one in class if we have questions. There are a couple teachers that enjoy watching a lot of movies or talking so not a lot gets done always, but we end up learning more than we thought with those teachers.
I love my school. We have great teachers who are very nice and understanding. The students can always get the proper help they need on homework. It doesn't matter what social group you may come from, everyone here gets along for the most part and is very accepting of others. I'm glad that I go to this school, and definitely do not regret transferring here.
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This school is really safe. We've never had any real threats or anything alarming happen. The nurse aide could be better though.
The students here have opportunities for the major extracurricular clubs and organizations such as FFA, FCCLA, Student Council, and sports such as Football, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, and Cheer. Although, a lot of students take advantage of these, not all of them are happy with them, In fact, many students wish to have more clubs and activities available. The only downside is that it is relatively hard to start something here.
The administration plays favorites with particular students. Some people get away with disrespecting the dress code and others get special treatment. It's hard to be proud of such a "strong administration" when it seems so fake. On the other hand, our guidance counselor is really great at making herself available to others.
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