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I am currently senior at mead and I've been there since freshman year. The student of mead are full of school pride but there is not a lot of diversity within the school. Mead does offer a wide variate of AP and college classes.
Mead High School has a great atmosphere. The students there are welcoming and are good sports. They have good relationships with other students and are kind and supportive. The students have good relationships with their teachers and AP classes are encouraged.
I believe that learning is the most essential part of life and that it should be something that people should enjoy so that they can invest themselves more in it. Mead had some classes that handled that well, such as the Integrated and AP Gov class, but some classes just lacked the passion. Tests are proven to be beneficial by helping the student be able to memorize facts better, but too many are just pointless and draining for the student. Another problem is that there is too much of a push to take AP classes. While some people are able to take them without a problem, others can't handle it and it just tanks down their GPA and gives them extra stress. Students should be able to decide on what classes to take, while their counselors give advice rather than trying to push things onto them. Overall it's not a bad school and I believe the staff is fairly great, but it could change the ways it teaches and how things are handled.
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I liked Mead High School because it felt like everyone was extremely dedicated an enthusiastic. The culture although new, was very welcoming and inclusive. People here love being a Maverick, whether that is being a part of athletics, drama, music or our numerous clubs.
Mead High School is a great school for anybody and everybody! No matter where you come from and how you got there, everybody is accepted and cared for there.
I enjoyed Mead, for the most part. The teachers and counselors are incredibly helpful when it comes to academics and college preparation. However, there is quite a bit of discrimination and intolerance of individuals who do not fit the “norm” and administration seems to pick and choose what they’d like to deal with.
I like the diversity and all-inclusive experience of Mead High School. I would like to see management of the students be improved. There are too many students and not enough faculty and staff. Other than this, the school is supportive, and provides a good high school experience.
The best thing about Mead HS is that it has teachers and coaches who care about your future and about you as a person. Something it could improve on would be its counseling and office staff. Too busy to help out and very judgmental to everyone.
As a school that was recently built a few years ago, and getting two new additions to our school itself. It's a very well made schools. From academics all the way down to the unique way of how the school is planned.
I'd like to see the availability of more classes us as students would want for our lives. Mead high school is a good school to learn, and they do have CDC classes which give college credits if and or when passed.
Mead High School is a rural small town school in the town of Mead Colorado. While the school is small, it is filled with a culturally diverse student body and staff. As a student who has attended Mead for four years, I can say I believe my high school experience has been incredible. Mead has allowed me to venture and explore subjects and interests while staying on track. I have learned from several perspectives and been given an opportunity to voice my ideas and interact with peers. The teachers carry a natural grace and compassion for their students. The teachers know all the kids and are available at all times to improve their school experience in every way. The camaraderie of a small school allows it to feel like a family in which I was able to untrue and grow as I prepare for college.
I love Mead! The environment is so welcoming and the teachers and staff are so amazing. When I was a freshman, the school had less than a thousand students, but now it has grown to over 1,100 students. We're growing and it's awesome!
A quality school. Just be prepared to be surrounded by corn fields everyday. A bunch of trucks in the parking lot and campus security has nothing better to do than try to get kids in trouble for unnecessary things.
Mead is a great school for outgoing kids. The special education department is lacking though. There is also almost no diversity
I highly recommend Mead High School. It is a great school inside an awesome community. The Academics and Sports are very good.
I really love Mead High. The people there are so nice and polite and it is really easy to find a group you fit in to. However I would like to see the counselors get a bot more involved. I am pretty mich on my own with finding scholarships other than a family friend.
This is a great, slightly newer school. On the whole, the faculty is first rate- caring, knowledgeable, highly educated, willing... I could go on and on. HOWEVER should be noted that the math department is definitely set apart from the rest of the departments at Mead. There are many inconsistencies among the faculty that unfortunately mean that the students have a lot of trouble from year to year because their teaching has been so inconsistent from year to year. Other than that, the faculty is great. The facilities are really nice, being that they're quite new and are so well taken care of. The building is definitely at capacity however, as Mead is currently trying to accommodate 1000 more students than the facilities can hold at this time. This makes for very full, cramped classes. The same holds true for the parking lot- there is often nowhere to park.
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I think this school is very excellent. I have not had many troubles with this school. The only thing I would say is that they change their policies a lot and they have not had a steady principle for all 4 years that I have been there.
I liked the teacher to student ratio and the smaller classes worked well for my son. The teachers didn't always enter grades timely into the online software program and sometimes a grade was entered at all when the work had been completed and turned in on time.
I love this school. The environment is fun and really encourages school involvement. I want to see more academically rigorous classes being implemented.
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