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Overall my experience as a Mead High School student has been very exciting. The school offers tons of excess classes to fit every students need. Throughout the school there are many activities you can participate in to be become more involved in the school from sports to almost any club you can imagine. The school is open to everyone and does it’s best to accept every single students as who they are despite the color of their skin, wealth status, or even gender. We have a unique class that every student participated in to learn about our school’s history to sources of strength to fun bonding activities.
Going to Mead High School for 4 years has truly been a memorable and wonderful experience. The teachers are always willing to help and they are very supportive. The administrators and all the workers in the building are friendly and very helpful. I appreciate Mead High School, the school has truly impacted me and my future
I liked how everyone in the building wanted and helped me become successful. I made a lot of great friends and met great people. The school offered a lot of tools to help me be successful. The one thing I didn’t like was the sports teams had some conflict for example the football felt as if they were better than everyone else because they played football .
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The time I have spent at Mead has been a good experience. I’ve had multiple teachers who have impacted my life and overall learning experience. For the most part, the school is very accepting of each other and is a community that cares for one another. Not only have my teachers cared about their students academically, but they pour into them personally as well. The one flaw Mead has is that some of their counselors don’t truly listen to the concerns of the student body, instead it seems as if what they push on the students is more to benefit them than us. This seems to be a pattern in some of the admin as well, however this did not drastically effect my time at Mead. I would recommend this school to anyone, with a positive mindset and a willingness to learn, Mead can become a great high school experience for anyone.
Overall, I felt very included in many ways. Through students, teachers, clubs, and other activities, I was easily able to connect with the school and feel welcomed. The school offers a large variety of courses, including AP, honors, energy academy and much more.
Mead High School is great! From the academics, to the diversity, the inclusion, to the sports everything is top-notch and focused on preparing students for the next level.
I like how nice and open most of the students and teachers are. I also like the variety of classes they offer. The only thing I don’t like about this school is that all funding goes into sports like football and basketball and nothing goes into other things like cheer or dance.
Mead High School generally has a good environment. You are encouraged to be involved and be a part of the community. The teachers care about their students for the most part and always try and include everyone.
I do not like the change to moving to iPads instead of text books. Many children do not have the self-control to use the technology to focus on school work and then use the device to play. And, parents cannot remove this distraction from the children when it is time to focus on school work. Also, many children learn better actually touching the paper and writing on paper or flipping pages. Making children do math on a small screen, using their finger to write on a blown up image of the screen is ridiculous.

Also the focus on taking AP classes, to the detriment of the child's grade point average is also wrong. The school is too focused on showing how many children are taking AP classes than on teaching the children. Add to that, many teachers are now having the children watch videos on their iPad instead of teaching the class.
I have really enjoyed going here the last few years! The entire staff is great, and they are always willing to help someone. If they don’t know the answer, they will find someone who does. I am so glad that I chose this as my high school!
Mead High School has been a great experience, the school challenges students and really focuses on students’ education. Clubs and sports are strongly supported and encouraged at our school. Technology has increased and more options have become available for those interested.
The teachers are very helpful and the classes offered are helpful. The student culture can be very negative though.
The teachers do a phenomenal job of connecting with the students and ensuring their success on an assignment, whether that be by taking time to conference with them, or supplying them with additional resources. Moreover, the school is highly inclusive to the special-education community, and support for the Unified Sports program is incredibly high.
There are a few teachers you can connect with, and a few you'll despise. Like a normal school. They try to make it welcome, but they're a school that cares more about their student's attendance than their grades.
In my time at Mead High, I really enjoyed how safe the school felt. Everyone was not best friends with each other, but I think there was a bigger sense of community there that you couldn't find at another school nearby. In a way, we were like one big extended family. However, one thing that I think needs to be improved on is student voice. There's a lot of kids out there who have good ideas brought up, and even when admin is the one asking for the ideas for something, they ignore what the students themselves are suggesting.
I am currently senior at mead and I've been there since freshman year. The student of mead are full of school pride but there is not a lot of diversity within the school. Mead does offer a wide variate of AP and college classes.
Mead High School has a great atmosphere. The students there are welcoming and are good sports. They have good relationships with other students and are kind and supportive. The students have good relationships with their teachers and AP classes are encouraged.
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I believe that learning is the most essential part of life and that it should be something that people should enjoy so that they can invest themselves more in it. Mead had some classes that handled that well, such as the Integrated and AP Gov class, but some classes just lacked the passion. Tests are proven to be beneficial by helping the student be able to memorize facts better, but too many are just pointless and draining for the student. Another problem is that there is too much of a push to take AP classes. While some people are able to take them without a problem, others can't handle it and it just tanks down their GPA and gives them extra stress. Students should be able to decide on what classes to take, while their counselors give advice rather than trying to push things onto them. Overall it's not a bad school and I believe the staff is fairly great, but it could change the ways it teaches and how things are handled.
I liked Mead High School because it felt like everyone was extremely dedicated an enthusiastic. The culture although new, was very welcoming and inclusive. People here love being a Maverick, whether that is being a part of athletics, drama, music or our numerous clubs.
Mead High School is a great school for anybody and everybody! No matter where you come from and how you got there, everybody is accepted and cared for there.
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