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They have very limited options
The principle likes to talk a lot about being an anti-bullying school but the truth of the matter is when there is bullying it is ignored or the principle uses victim blaming to shame those students who are the victims of bullying. Telling them they should not do, be, or say certain things that makes them a "target" for bullies, instead of punishing those who are actually bullying. Parents concerns of bullying are brushed off and never addressed in an acceptable fashion.

Students get hurt while in school (serious injuries) and no one can explain how they happened or what caused it the parents are just made to accept that it was an accident and accept no explanation on what happened.
I would never suggest or recommend this school to any parent with a child with special needs. This school goes out of their way to deny services to special needs kids and set them up to fail and struggle. They do everything they can to undermine DOCTOR diagnosis of disabilities and go so far as to even pass off false information as a means to deny services to special needs children.
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The teachers are overall good and care about their students. But their hands are often tied when it comes to helping those students who need extra help. Not that teachers don't want to help but because they are limited in what they can do.
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