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Meacham Middle School Reviews

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They are bad. Most of them are perverts and shouldn't be there. They should stop bullying and all work together.
The health and safety at this school are very high. The students safety and health is the second most important thing to the school, teachers, and staff. Of course, the first thing is our education. The teachers care about the students and try to help out as much as they can.
The clubs and organizations are very fun. They are really helpful, because they release any sort of stress and worries. It also shows team work and how the school unites to support each other, which is awesome.
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At that school they valued talented and hard working students, to help them become better individuals. I would definitely go back and do it all over again, because it was such a great experience. The teachers, staff, and students were connected and we worked together for our one purpose, which was to be successful.
My teachers have shown they care and want to help us gain more knowledge. They have all helped me grow educationally and to become a better individual. Also, the discipline and behavior in the classroom is fantastic, because the teachers try to keep a safe and good learning environment. I think the teachers here do more than they have to just to help out all the students.
The teachers are very fun, but the lessons not.
i loved the time i spent at this school i think that if i had the option to chose i would chose it again because it taugh me many things and the people there are really likable
i loved that teachers here are easy to get to know they are friendly with the student and involved when it comes to the students education and learning. they are engaged and people who care about one another.
its okay because kids that know and are smart can have some good opportunity
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