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M.D. Roberts Middle School Reviews

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As a current student of MDR I have to say that I absolutely love the school.
This is the one school that I know of that you could ask if the students are ready to go back to school and the majority would respond with a definite yes. So overall I rate this school with 5+ stars ✨!!!
M.D. Roberts is a well-funded school that has great teachers. It is in a great community, and the school itself offers a lot of activities to give back to the community. In addition, the school makes it vital to have the most parent involvement, and they succeed every year.
good school , but the school is more focused on magnet then they are on non-magnet. They are mostly all magnet , and don't do any activities for the kids like pep rally's , assembly's , and fun little performances .
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When I attended M.D. Roberts Middle School, the teachers there worked extensively to help their students grasp concepts and utilize prior knowledge to exceed in class. Their methods were not always recognized in the moment, but in the end we students came to appreciate their efforts. I know I have.
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