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M.C.S. Noble Middle School Reviews

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This is a decent middle school. The teachers are split 50/50 between engaged/ good teachers and being awful. The staff seems proud to work there. There is a lot of parent support in sports. Academics are weak. The Principal is a major negative. The staff talks behind his back and he has a most negative disposition. The Assistant Principal is a pleasure. Principal Smith has his work cut out for him though, as the school is overcrowded and there are a lot of students doing inappropriate things. There is bullying, students at school on drugs, and none of my kids feel comfortable going in the bathrooms. The physical school itself is run down and dark. Pickup/drop-off is outrageous as so many families are uncomfortable putting their children on the bus. I gave it three stars, if you don't have needs for accelerated learning the coursework is fine. The staff and parents are very nice. Learning expectations are low, sport expectations are high.
Environmentally, MCS Noble middle is pleasing for an older school. It is very clean with a fair amount of windows giving it a "brighter" feeling than most schools. The library has recently been renovated and the gym floors refinished. Parent involvement is strong. Sports are highly competitive with many teams winning their divisions. There seems to be relatively low teacher turnover; and many of the teachers here are very caring and helpful. Overall, the school is safe comparatively with some very highly motivated and talented kids. Unfortunately, no foreign language classes are available unlike the other middle schools.
I was a junior and senior at MCHS, and emjoyed my last two years of high school because i obtained free college credits.
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