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McQuaid Jesuit Preparatory School Reviews

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The staff was very engaging and set high standards for the students. the academics were more rigorous then public schools, and the extracurricular activities offered were amazing and diverse
McQuaid has been a very good fit for me. It provides a challenge in academics as well as athletics. The teachers are very encouraging. They will go out of their way to make sure that a student is able to succeed.
McQuaid Jesuit touts itself as a school very much dedicated to brotherhood and Jesuit values. Unfortunately, it falls flat on its face in these departments. The students here are incredibly disrespectful to both teachers and students alike. The school also emphasizes that it is a college preparatory school. Despite this, I feel I would have obtained an equal, if not better education by going public (not to mention the money that would have been saved as a result). However, this does not mean that the teachers are poor. There is one thing about the school that I can give praise to without feeling fraudulent. That is the music department. The men and women who teach music at McQuaid truly put their heart and soul into their work, and it shows.
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McQuaid is a fine school in many ways, and questionable in others. The academics are extremely competitive among the students, but the classes themselves are relatively easy. The AP classes are the only ones that are challenging. The teachers are mostly good and helpful, although some are rather poor. Diversity is quite low. There are many clubs for all the members of the school. Safety was upgraded this year, but from the almost non-existent point that it was at. There is a large school culture, with many activities designed to promulgate that culture. The administration is almost universally terrible. They do not support the teachers at all, and most of the time will take the students' side over the teachers'. The sports are pretty good, especially cross country and track. The food is excellent, although it is very overpriced. Resources and facilities are generally good, as is parent involvement.
Great school! Amazing teachers and very nice students. Extra help and resource is available for everyone. You're challenged to succed academically and spritually.
McQuaid has its strong suits, in challenging academics and very competitive sports teams, specifically in volleyball, track, and hockey, and basketball. The academics are much more difficult than your typical public school, and nearly every alumni who had an 80% or greater gpa (which is not difficult if you put in the effort) will tell you that they were better prepared for college than their peers who attended public high school. All my friends from other schools are extremely jealous of our brand-new cafeteria. A few teachers are extremely underqualified and all students are warned by previous students to avoid their classes, because they are so bad at their job. Many teachers are fantastic and motivated to help make us ready for college, but there are still teachers which every student and their parents complain about, and yet nothing is done by the administration to hire new teachers, unless a teacher retires. If you attend McQ, make sure you go on Kairos.
Great teachers, the work pace is grueling but definitely prepares you for college. As an all boys school, the comradery amongst these men is unparalleled - and it's very cool to be smart here.
McQuaid prepares each student quite well for college, plain and simple. McQuaid provides opportunities to take numerous AP courses, offers tutoring help for those struggling with school, and employs teachers who genuinely care about the students. Some teachers personify the stereotypical idea/picture of a prep school teacher, harsh, disciplinary, and strict. However, even these teachers were fair and helped the students who needed extra help. Their strict attitude instilled a sense of discipline in their students, which the students carry with them to the sports field, places of employment, volunteer locations and future colleges.
Mcquaid is a more than a school foe all males, its a brotherhood. You find that your team mates become your confidants, support system and your brothers. The education is top notch and I enjoy the teachers and the care they have to see each student succeed. They provide tons of resources for college prep and job opportunities. I love that it is a faith based school and that faith is incorporated into our daily schedule. If there was anything to improve at Mcquaid Id say that diversity inclusion needs to advance. All in all its good school and its been an awesome opportunity for me.
One of the best experiences of my life. Taught me everything I need to know to be prepared for college and to succeed in life.
Got me to a top ranked college, and top ranked grad school. My writing and math skills were much above the average even at those top 5 institutions. Dare I say, I have never had as much homework again, as I did in Mcquaids middle school. Teachers challenge and mold students here, and I am lucky to still be in touch with many to this day.

Only complaint would be a lack of diversity due to very kid with a wallet from Pittsford being allowed in. Such is life.
Best option for a young man to attend Middle & High School in the Monroe County area. McQuaid ensured that I was not only college eligible, but also college ready. Their lessons on brotherhood, compassion, and commitment to justice have made me a better person, and I will forever be grateful for that.
I was a McQuaid Jesuit student for one year. I was really looking forward to learning new material and stretching my comfort zone through academics. I learned a lot, mostly that this school is not a brotherhood. Teachers were great, but they are not going to be the ones sitting with me. Than again, trying to sit with anyone was difficult. The school claims they are open to everyone, which is just a sign to attract more to give them money. Thanks to McQuaid students I was constantly bullied for my more progressive thinking. All in all, my learning and brain has increased a lot. Not necessarily from the material of work, but from learning about how high school sucks if you do not fit in. The Honor Code is only followed by a few, and I feel only a bit of shame. My potential was strong, but students did not help what so ever.
McQuaid is a great school that offers multiple connections in the real world, It has its ups and downs with curriculum rigor and things of that sort but as a senior who is now moving on to college I can honestly say that without a lot of the programs provided I would not be able to walk that stage in June
My experience at McQuaid Jesuit was unlike any other. It is a school that focuses on academic excellence, as well as the transformation of young adolescents into men. At McQuaid Jesuit, I have been able to learn how to succeed in the classroom, along with how to become a man that serves others. The school itself is full of opportunity with a wide variety of athletic teams, clubs, and many more extracurricular activities. The main idea that separates McQuaid Jesuit from any other school is the connection between the students. I consider each one of my classmates as a brother and I would be willing to do anything to help my brothers succeed.
McQuaid has easily been one of the best experiences of my life. Great academics, athletics, and friends make this school one of New York's best.
My son had an excellent educational experience at McQuaid Jesuit. The faculty and staff have a great deal of understanding of adolescent boys. The academics are excellent, and they have strong offerings for average students as well as for academically advanced young men. McQuaid is expensive, but worth every penny.
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McQuaid Jesuit was an extraordinary school to attend. There was hesitation with the fact that it is an all male high school, I soon learned that I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. There is a strong sense of community among every student and faculty member within McQuaid. This is how students excel, knowing they have every teacher and staff member at their disposal no matter if they have had them before as teachers. The strong family connection among students makes coming to school a thrill and ultimately excites students about learning and reaching their full educational capabilities. Though the curriculum is demanding for all four years, I feel that there is no school that could have prepared me better for college than McQuaid. It made my high school career some of the best years of my life, and if I am givin the opportunity, I will be sending my kids to attend, no matter the cost.
Excellent school with top notch teachers that know how to teach and relate to teenage boys. Lots of opportunity to get involved in sports, community service, faith, leadership and clubs. They know how to prepare the boys for college and beyond.
I will always look back fondly on my time at McQuaid. The teachers, my students, the clubs, and the sports programs all came together to create an atmosphere, not just of learning, but of love. Everyone I met wanted to be there, wanted to better themselves, and cared about their brothers around them.

Most people remember high school as hell, but I will never forget that in my time at McQuaid I discovered what I wanted to do with my life, I formed friendships and memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I was made ready for anything that came next.

I've almost completed my undergrad, and look forward to earning my masters, and I know that I would not have dreamed of attempting either had I not gone to McQuaid. Go Knights!
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