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McPherson High School is a decent place to send your kids to school. Like every school, there are good teachers and bad ones. They focus a lot on college readiness and sports. Clubs and activities are very involved around the community. I would like to see the school to become more diverse. It is a good size school - not too big and not too small. They recently just got a school resource officer, so it is making safety a higher priority. Overall, it is a pretty good place to go to school.
I was very excited to go to McPherson High School! I had made it into a varsity sport as a freshman, I was in the color guard, and was able to join many clubs. The classes were very accommodating to what we were wanting to do with our futures! We have amazing science courses, business classes and accounting classes, and offer auto classes and welding classes for those who wish to do hands on work. Our sports have grown and our school stays united through teamwork and tradition. At every game you go to you hear all of our students and alumni singing our fight song, and as you leave you remember that once you’re a bullpup you’re always a bullpup. “Hail McPherson High School!”
Is Detroit real? I mean, have you ever met anyone from Detroit? Exactly.
Is Detroit real? I mean, have you ever met anyone from Detroit? Exactly.
Is Detroit real? I mean, have you ever met anyone from Detroit? Exactly.
Is Detroit real? I mean, have you ever met anyone from Detroit? Exactly.
Is Detroit real? I mean, have you ever met anyone from Detroit? Exactly.
Is Detroit real? I mean, have you ever met anyone from Detroit? Exactly.
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It’s ran by a bunch of rich snobs. Rich kids get special treatment. Teachers are okay, I guess. Food isn’t good, it’s all greasy and free lunches aren’t enough to feed my dog, much less me.
My experience at McPherson high school I have to say is okay. The things that I enjoy about the school is that they offer a wide variety of electives that help you figure out what you like and don't like. The thing that I think could make the school better would be making others feel more welcomed. More specifically those who are from other states.
I would love to see the administration take the safety of students more serious. Bullying was a very bad problem in this school. The alternative center, for at risk students is amazing though. Students are treated as adults and with respect there. The teachers at McPherson high school however, are amazing .
McPherson High School was a good experience for me. I liked a lot of the teachers and feel as though I got a good education that has prepared me for college.
McPherson High School is your typical high school. It has it's cliques. It probably has some bullying as well but I never witnessed any. Nice staff that is helpful if you ask for help.
McPherson High School has been a good experience. I have never experienced bullying or so much as seen it. People are helpful and kind and teachers strive for student excellence.
Having attended McPherson High School for three years now, I would like to acknowledge the fact that the administration, teachers, and staff have provided me with an adequate education, and helped me improve and build upon my skills across the board. Though I haven't achieved all of my goals I've set for myself, they've given me the resources to do so.
Sports were a really big thing for the school which I liked. But the school could do more about bullying.
I liked that almost always teachers are trying to really help their students after school. They are dedicated and committed to their job, which is helping you. I would like to see more focus on academics than sports.
Select teachers here are best in state and go above and beyond for their students. Counselors are very caring on your needs and wants after highschool and keep track of your changing interests. Many students are apathetic and just want to do their classes and get out, but those that are involved are in a large variety of activities oftentimes. Too much money goes to sports, but LEGENDARY teachers in Choir, Theatre, and Speech/Debate classes make up for it. Overall a great school if you get yourself involved and choose the right teachers, because the school will give you all the tools to be successful after highschool, you just have to utilize them yourself.
Small school, a lot of bullying without counselors doing much about it, poor academics and teachers.
McPherson High School is a good school to be in. Their academics isn't that great. This school only really cares about how well they do in sports. It's a school for a bunch of preppy kids. Even though there are more and more diversity coming into the school the majority are white. Also bullying is not at all taken seriously from our administration.
I'm having a wonderful experience at McPherson High School. I've made amazing and hilarious friends and the environment is supportive. I feel safe at school and the teachers care about my success as a student and an individual.
McPherson High School is a great learning environment to be in. They have so many diverse classes that I have taken and enjoyed very much. Classes like this include Fire Science, AP classes in history and English, and a variety of art classes that allow students to do what they love. The freedom of students to participate in what they want is what makes this school so special.
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I really enjoyed the variety of electives they have to offer to us. I learned many skills that will help me in the real world. I met a lot of new people and made new friends. The teachers there are kind and helpful. Although I would like to see a change towards the their disciplinary actions towards bullying. I feel like bullying is a problem in our school and something needs to be done to stop it.
Work loads are decent but not overwhelming if you manage your time correct.
The majority of the school population is white, however Latino and black are fairly represented.
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