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At McNeil, most of the teachers are exceptional at their job and do a phenomenal job teaching the students. However, the school is very competitive causing much stress on the students.
The education sector of this school is mediocre at best. Teachers do not engage with the students as your would expect and the sports program is an absolute disgrace in what you would think of "Texas Athletics". The coaches should be ashamed of their behavior and the way they promote bullying and reward students for these types of acts. Absolute shame.....
McNeil has gotten worse over my last four years here. The students that come to McNeil are poorly behaved and the staff does little to nothing about it. This school only cares about receiving money from attendance, so they have a strict tardy policy. Many of the teachers love their jobs and are here to help the students succeed but there are also teachers that do not seem to care at all. Overall, this school is going downhill and I am glad I will not have to attend in the near future.
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At McNeil, I have the privilege to say that the involvement of faculty and students really help the school prosper in matters such as school lunch meal plans, safety and precautions enforcement, the population of the school, teacher to student ratio, and how teachers make sure to stay involved.
The only thing I like to see improvement on is the rude behavior of hall monitors ; I feel they should be kinder to the students and try to figure out why the student is late to class instead of taking drastic decisions such as after school detention or ISS.
My favorite thing about McNeil High School is the wide array of different clubs and organizations to join. It’s so easy to get lost in high school but at McNeil High School, there is something for everyone. There’s even a Dungeons and Dragons Club!
I would never let my student go to this school. There is bullying and the teachers are imbeciles. I myself am going here and if I had the chance to go anywhere else I would take it immediately. When you hear about McNeil run and hide. Except in the field because they suck at football.
The office staff (with exception of Helen Frink) does not treat all students fairly and targets students with lower grades or previous offenses for things such as dress code violation. The administration also lies to their students about certain situations and things going on involving that student.
I loved/hated my experience at McNeil high school. For one, I must say that the teachers here are phenomenal. I made so many good memories with my teachers. They are very engaging, compassionate, and hard working people. Most of the teachers seem to genuinely care about the success of their students. That’s the part I miss most about this school. Almost every teacher I had pretty interesting life stories. So the faculty here is a solid A for me. The reason I also hated, scratch that, disliked this school is because of the mindlessness of the kids here. Don’t get me wrong, I met some really good people. However the majority really suck, for lack of a better term. They all think the same and act the same. So there is very little authenticity or originality. Just a bunch of big fish in a small pond. Mediocre at best, McNeil.
I've only taken pre-AP and AP classes, and most all of the teachers prepare you very well for all of your AP exams. Faculty is kind and friendly for the most part, doesn't seem to be too strict on dress codes or hairstyles. Met my closest friends here. However, the building is very run-down looking compared to the other schools in our district and it's always dark in the hallways. Extremely humid fine arts wing.
Make no high school was a pleasure to go to it was a different experience switching from Pflugerville district to a round rock district the classes were harder only because I was not use to the work load that I received at McNeil my experience there are memorable and I will always cherish the memories everything felt very equally amongst teachers,peers,etc. it was amazing
McNeil High School is very welcoming and friendly. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and the staff truly care for both the students' grades and their well-being.
McNeil is a wonderful school my children has learning disabilities and the administration works hard to ensure their success
The high school is a average school that could definitely make some improvements but it has a pretty good learning environment with some pretty cool teachers. The students some what care about their grade. Some more than others
Overall my experience at McNeil was a good one. I left feeling prepared for college and I had numerous college credits.
McNeil HS is a school with a place for everyone, if one is looking for their niche they will find it. The teachers and staff are compassionate and involved with their students and their futures. I happen to attend while the school is under construction, causing some inconvenience and distraction, although the school has been very accommodating so far in lieu of the construction.
McNeil had many opportunities for its students to succeed. Various academic programs and AP classes allowed us to get ahead in our career paths and there are numerous extracurriculars for everyone to get involved. Administration was slow and often unresponsive, but this isn't and problem unique to McNeil. The teachers were true life of the school. They genuinely cared for us students and worked hard to make sure we weren't wasting our time there.
McNeil is extremely good in challenging driven students with the AP courses they offer, however not all teachers are as motivated to help those students.
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The environment at McNeil High school is extremely comfortable and the classes may be stressful, however, the teachers there are mostly all great.
I think that McNeil High School is awesome in their academic and talents field! If it wasn't for the clubs we have during flex I would probably be less involved and more seclusive. I'd like to think that McNeil is so diverse that everyone gets to express themselves in many ways, such as, art classes, anime classes, dance classes, and even choir & orchestra. They offer these opportunities to spark an interest in us young adults. It creates a passion to keep us motivated on achieving our best in our high school career.
I like how this year we have a period called flex where anyone can join a club that fits them personally. If I could change anything about the McNeil facility it would be the location of classes and some of the quality of teachers/cocaches. While some teachers or coaches are beneficial, others are holding us back from our full potential as a team or individual.
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