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I did think that McNary was a good overall school but some classes were much more helpful than others.
McNary High school is a great school evolving each year to reach its goal of becoming an AVID demonstration school. It is a safe environment we’re everyone is welcome it’s very good . The staff is ready to help anyone in need or anyone asking for help ! We’re here to learn and prepare ourselves as students to greatness . Especially for college , as well as the resources offered at McNary will get the students learn more about colleges of their wish . McNary High School is simply a amazing school.
All of our teachers care deeply about us. Our school has a lot of pep rallies and big events for us to go to and it’s always packed.
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I have been a student at McNary high school for two full years and my experience has been great. Some specific things that I noticed once I got to McNary is that students take their education seriously, they have great organization skills and also that teachers are always there to help you in any way they can. McNary is a great school but no school is perfect, one thing I believe McNary should improve is their student attendance. Students may have awesome grades and great organizational skills but sometimes does students attendance is not always looking great. Right know McNary high school is working on helping students take care of their attendance. One new thing they added to help attendance is that student will get in more serious trouble if they miss a day.
McNary is a fairly good school. Most of the staff are very caring and look out for their students. The only downside is that it's built like a prison.
McNary was academically a good school, however I feel like they could improve with helping students prepare for college. I was in AVID, and I feel like our main focus was organization.
Mcnary strives for excellence. They are always supporting students. The faculty is always so caring and they make sure we graduate and have a plan and purpose for lives. I wouldn't have gotten a better education anywhere else. GO CELTS!
I would like to see a change with the curriculum teacher use to teach student. I’d like it if thy made it more enthusiastic. I feel like it would make student more enthusiastic about learning new things.
I enjoyed the clubs at McNary that I was involved in, and I liked the teachers in the honors and AP programs. The school food was school food, but there wasn't much diversity. It was mostly white students at the school.
I loved the amount of school spirit McNary had. Assemblies were always fun and competitive. I also enjoyed going to all the sporting events for the same reason. I really liked many of the teachers that taught there and the staff was very nice. There are some really challenging classes that I feel really prepared me for college. However, the school lacks diversity and there were a few incidents near the end of my time there where I was called derogatory names.
I had a good time, but a lot of people I know had problems with bullying and the school didn't do much about it.
I like the teachers they put great amounts of effort in making teaching be fun for everybody. Furthermore, this school has a variety of Ap classes in which you can earn college credit.
McNary is a fairly good school, yet in recent years they have taken very much to making everything accessible to everyone (aka ap classes to people who really have no idea how to do the class).
I moved from a private catholic school to McNary and really liked the freedom it gave me but I feel the administration has a lack of respect for its staff and students. It’s disheartening to watch my school try to succeed but instead it struggles due to poor leadership abilities.
The community in Keizer, Oregon is fantastic. McNary High School is the only high school in town and the entire community surrounds and supports the school. The activities run by the school: sports, choir, theater, etc. are tremendously impacted by the community which makes for an incredible experience. In addition, the teachers and staff at McNary are wonderful people. The principal, Mr. Jesperson, is one of the most involved principals I have ever known and he very much contributed to the memorable and enjoyable high school experience that I was able to have. The experiences that I had at McNary have inspired me to become a teacher and hopefully return there. I absolutely love the Keizer community and the school and it would be a dream come true to spend my life living and contributing to such a great school in such a great community. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for the McNary High School staff, and the Keizer community as a whole.
I absolutely loved the performing arts classes. The orchestra, band, choir, and theatre classes were amazing! The teachers really seemed to care about the students, and those classes gave students a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Only thing I would fix is the outdated bathrooms and lead pipes that lead to the drinking fountains.
Overall, the school is just average. This is hard to admit due to the few, amazing and outstanding teachers that are at McNary. The school itself though isn't above and beyond. The bathrooms are horrible and the food isn't too great either.
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McNary is an okay school, but I feel they don't do much to prepare you for college. The best classes are the honors and AP classes. They go faster and help you more and you learn more.
I have been at McNary highschool long enough to see what good things this school offers and the few things they lack. I believe that McNary is good in the way they offer multiple ways to receive college credit without the whole price. However, I believe it can work on making it a more diverse school.
It smells so bad and it is always dirty. The teachers are nice though. They have good school spirit and support for students that need extra help.
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