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McNairy Central High School Reviews

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Mcnairy is a great school. It has great learning opportunities and extra curricular activities. The teachers are all very nice, and the students are well behaved. The punishments are fair. There is all kinds of choices in education variety from mathematics to medical therapeutics to even automotive and welding.
McNairy Central High School is a wonderful school. Band has been my favorite part of school. It has taught me several things and given me some amazing friends. I have also had some great teachers who helped me and wanted to see me succeed in life.
I enjoyed all four years at Mcnairy Central. I had wonderful teachers who helped and wanted to see me succeed. I was involved in many things. I was in the HOSA club. I learned many things from this. We had the chance ti give back to our community. We held bake sales, fashion shoes, and other fundraisers to raise money for our school.
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I graduated from McNairy Central High in 1984 It was excellent in lots of course and sports clubs and that wnen I attended. The school I am sure is in need of some repairs by now sure . but all in all was excellent school when I was going.
Within my four years of high school, I have definitely seen more that I like than dislike. Soccer has been one of my favorite parts; it's given me great friends and been a part in preparing me for soccer in college at Martin Methodist. Along with friends in the student body, I have also made many friends with the teachers and faculty. They have given me advice, help, and just been a good friend to talk to if I ever needed it. I would like to see the strict policies be changed, such as how we can't leave for lunch. But overall my school experience has been a very memorable and helpful one for the years to come.
I love the school and the teachers really care about their students and help them to excel in anyway.
My personal experience at Mcnairy Central High School has been great throughout my past four years. Most of the teachers are helpful in getting you ready for the next chapter in your life.
Enjoying your time in high school is what I like most. Being involved in your school is the best thing you can do.
McNairy Central is a great school with a lot of caring teachers. The main goal at MCHS is to prepare students for college and life.
Some of the teachers do a good job at forming a relationship with their students to help them learn, but some barely care about their students at all. The discipline policies are a bit too extreme in some ways as well.
McNairy Central is like any other highscool located in the south, athletics are the main focus. The focus on test scores and large as well, but one thing is our school is VERY close minded and not very diverse.
The school overall isn't as clean and exciting as I'd hoped it would be when I was a freshman. There are very few real movements to fix up our school; however, several of our bathrooms have been remodelled, and several classrooms are being given their own thermostats because, frankly, that place is a walk-in freezer. Not to mention, the student body mass could use some tidying. Many of the general population are ill-mannered, no-good, rotten people who only seem to care about themselves and work so desperately to make lesser students look and feel horrible. But, in spite of its flaws, I positively love the majority of the staff. Aside from only a couple run-ins, the staff is an overall kind and caring body of hardworking and ambitious teachers and administrators who only want their students to go off and be successful. (It's the students' choice whether or not they'll be successful, but the teachers and staff try.)
Being at Mcnairy Central, there are a lot of things to say about it. I like the teachers that i have already have had, they are very helpful. Which is why I am gving an generous three stars.
I enjoyed my teachers most as they wanted to get involved in my life and help prepare me for college and entering the workforce. I would like to see the amount of resources changed as most of my teachers didn't have much to work with, but they did the absolute best that they possibly could, and I'm extremely thankful for that.
They are all friendly and approachable. Everyone's teaching style is different but they all have a great overall outcome of the students. They all have online grading that they make available for us to see and parents whenever they are put in.
Some of the extracurriculars are a little harder to get into if you aren't "someone"
I've really enjoyed this school as far as academics and athletics go.
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Most of the teachers are very nice and will help in any way they can, but there are also some teachers that have favorites. If you are not one of their favorites you can almost expect to be treated differently.
In my opinion, some of the teachers treated us like friends, so it was easy to get along with staff.
It prepared me in someways, but not to where it completely prepared me to say that, "I'm glad that i went to that school because it made me the person I am today".
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