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My experience at McNair Hugh School has been Great. The Staff there are patient and understanding. Everyone is accepted no matter who you are. Being at McNair has taught me a lot of things not just in academics but life lessons as well. They made me realize my responsibility of being a student and besting a advocate. They helped me see the world. Literally I have see many different cultures and been apart of many National educational excursions. They have showed me that anything is possible and everyone is great. When attending McNair you could have the best 4 years of your life there but it’s just how you decide to make it the best 4 years. I Love McNair High School.
McNair high school is a decent school but I think that they can improve on the food, college prep, school spirit. The school could also have classes to prepare students for adulthood. Things like how to do taxes or how to save up we really good ways.
Very small school, everyone was like family. Faculty & staff are very supportive. Principals are very involved. We have a mentor program & about twice we have a mentor- mentee lunching. We set goals for ourselves & with the help of your mentor you meet your goal.
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All staff at McNair High school are very determined. They want what's best for each and very student. Their are goals and plans set for us students every year, we are given the materials to accomplish them also. However, McNair High suffers from behavioral issues which hinders teachers from teaching and students from learning.
My experience has been average. I like the friends I have made at the school. I don't like the other people that attend because they seem not to care about their education and cause disturbances.
While the stigma that the school carry is more known than their accomplishments, the school is decent. If students want a solid education, simply trying in school and talking to teachers is enough. Teachers are more than qualified and produce great students because they care.
Absolutely amazing! This school's activities and academics is what stood out the most in my opinion. That, and also the hard working and dedicated teachers.
As a kid in middle school, you would always see high school as this place where you find yourself and where you fit in the world. The experience was so mechanic, meaning that we were treated as children instead growing adults.
Well this is my last year at Mcnair, my overall experience there was decent. The only thing that makes the school bad is the kids in school that's just my opinion. The only thing that made school fun for me is my friends, good grades and dance.
I would like it if there were better cameras to keep an watchful eye on us so if anything happens it could be stop with evidence. Our English textbooks need to be updated.
At McNair I would like to see the way the school is ran change. The way the administration goes about doing things could be done in a much better way.
I like how it's a small setting of 900 students or less at school.And what I change about Mcnair is the administration and the overall safety of the school.
The teachers care, but not all the students do. They offer vocational education, college prep and general ed.
McNair was an up and down roller coaster when I attended. Not saying it had to be perfect because no single high school is. However when it came down to college readinsss they lack tremendously in that department . The sports where a great accommodation to look forward to but other than that the school need improvement overall .
Attended this school for 4 years and I can honestly say it was a good school. Lots of diversity seen all types of people and they always try to make it entertaining for us. You can feel the Teachers cares about us and even went out there way to help us .
My experience at this high school has been an extraordinary opportunity, the teachers are wonderful, the lessons are taught well, and the food is cooked properly. I've been going to McNair High School since I was only a junior, as soon as I walked in I was welcomed by joyful people and helpful guardians. The children are very well mannered, but also full of energy. I gain knowledge every single day along with friends and others.
The school has a terrible leadership team (2014-17) and does not welcome parental or community involvement and does NOT have compliance School Council, PTA or PTO group. Very high teacher turnover since the leadership team is so awful. The school is underpopulated with low enrollment, poor sports teams, high crime rate and lacks diversity.
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I liked that at McNair High School most teachers give students to complete work and other assignments past the deadline. I would like to see the school bring in more technology programs like game design and etc.
I have been at McNair High School since I was in the 9th grade now I'm a senior ... McNair High is not so bad it's really what you make out of it .
I like this school. I feel what should be added towards the school is that we should have more activities that tap into creativity and allow us to express ourselves. We should be able to have fun and do more activities like a movie night out or do a field day for everyone.
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