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It was an overall great experience. I still have many friends that I gained from there, and all the teachers were really helpful and friendly. The school might of been too done by now, with buildings being added onto it, but other than that, most other students were tolerable.
The experience of high school without the bullying or loneliness sounds amazing right? Well with the diversity, amazing staff, and the number of wonderful students we have will make that experience come true.
McMinnville High School is a pretty good high school. The administration cares very much about the safety, success, and comfort of their students. Their are lots of opportunities at this school, from the sports teams to the clubs, to the EASA program.
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McMinnville High School has a variety of vocational skills and subjects to explore. There really are classes, clubs, and activities for everyone. The administration promotes diversity, inclusion, and the development of identity and a sense of community.
McMinnville High has tons of resources and an awesome staff that are always willing to help. The curriculum is very well structured, and we can tell that the teachers want us to succeed!
Freshman year, i was really nervous about going to this schook because a lot of people have said different things about it. Now in my Junior year, almost a Senior I'd like to say its been one heck of a rollercoaster but the ASB has done an amazing job involving people and uniting us as a class and school.
I absolutely hate this hate this school. There's a lot problems here that need to be fixed. This school may seem like a safe environment for all but it really isn't.
Its a cool school and most of the teachers are nice but the food is terrible and there are barely any clubs
My experience at McMinnville High school, was amazing. There are so many ways to get involved! All the teachers I had were very encouraging and motivated to do my best. I don't have any recommendations in the area of where McMinnville high school can improve.
It is a good school. There is a very welcoming environment. Most of the teachers and staff are approachable.
McMinnville High School had a few really helpful instructors, who really wanna see one grow and improve. If it wasn't for some of these instructors, I honestly do not think I would be in college right now.
McMinnville High School’s MWOE program (Mid Willamette Online Education), is an incredibly valuable resource for students and families that should be replicated in all school districts nationally. Impressive, highly professional staff within MWOE who genuinely go the extra mile to help our children succeed.
I liked the fact that it was so big and so many people because there was always a chance to meet new people or see new faces. This also made it hard in the fact that teachers couldn’t give a lot of one on one time. There is also a lot of politics involved in the school.
Mcminnville is a very tight community, and that is reflected in the high school. Everyone is very proud of their school and I love that. I don't like the political tension our school has. It is very diverse, and there has been a struggle to accept other's political views. Not just students, but also staff.
The good thing about McMinnville High School is the staff. The teachers are truly amazing and make it a wonderful environment to get an education in. There are also great programs designed to guide students to a future career. However, there are severe budget cuts that continue to cause these great programs to suffer.
McMinnville highschool has awesome teachers and teaching programs. It was the best high school I have attended. One thing the school could work on is invoking the community more with school activities.
Mac high has so many options to choose from. So many pathways and college credit classes. I love most of the teachers, they make great friends to all the students.
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I am privileged to be able to attend school for free, and Mac High offers so many opportunities within different areas of career seeking. However, there is a very obvious ethnic divide between students which is disheartening. I have seen a lot of disrespect and hate circulate in my school and it's saddening. Our students and staff should strive for celebration of all cultures and all colors of skin.
I feel like it easy a typical high school experience. We were told that our school had the highest school spirit in the nation so that's cool. It was fun, teachers were nice but regular clicks and mean kids still existed.
McMinnville High School's EASA program is a great program, but not much else is good. The academic achievements are swept completely to the side unless someone gets a perfect score on their SAT or ACT, but we have pep rallies for coming in 19th in the state for volleyball. Consequently, academics suffer and athletics thrive.
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