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McMinn has a safe, encouraging, and comfortable learning enviroment for students. The administration and teachers give so much effort to make sure their students are taken care of not only academically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
McMinn is a nice school with impressive academic possibilities. The education is about average, with above average teachers. I would like to see the sports and clubs be treated equal. A lot of sports do not get the proper aid and respect they deserve, whereas some sports get basically everything. Clubs do not get respected as much as they should be and are not announced enough to become big.
Mcminn is a very good school. I enjoyed my time there and the people and classmates I met. They have classes such as broadcasting that schools don't offer. The teachers are one on one and very helpful and encouraging.
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Overall, McMinn County High School strives to put their best foot forward for their students. The administration has graciously poured funds into improving the facilities both inside and outside the school building. Guidance counselors work hard to give every student the greatest opportunity of achievement. Most teachers on campus are willing to work with students to improve their academic standing and help them become college ready. However, the rigor of the classes in many departments is very low, which allows many students to be blindsided by the work necessary to excel later in other areas.
It was a normal high school. I believe the school could be much better if I felt like all of the teachers cared about my education as much as I do..
The school is good for people that want to stay in the area and work a vocation, but not that great for people trying to attend a high-tier university bc there are little options for AP-style classes
Nice people, lots of chewing tabacco, would like to see teachers who know how to teach properly. And windows.
Love the fact they have dual enrollment and prep. Classes For college . ACT prep courses and college
A couple great teachers, but also some other teachers... I am glad to have made it through McMinn, and while I will admit that I will miss it when I am gone, there is not that much to miss.
Mcminn County Highschool is a very friendly school with great staff, however, I would love for more color to be added to the school to reflect the bright and positive attitudes of the students and the staff.
McMinn is a friendly school and has many options including clubs and sports to be involved in. As far as college readiness it is lacking.
The high school has a lot of things that need to be changed before it is a respectable institution. I realize two stars are not a lot, but please understand there are great teachers at the school. The thing that makes the review bad is the fact the school is run so poorly. Administration often focuses on the wrong issues, and even more often the wrong students face some degree of punishment. Drugs have become a more common theme each of my years at the school, which is kind of scary considering people always warned me just how bad it would be. The building itself is falling apart. The a/c never works, th walls are cracking, and numerous other age related issues are prominent. Athletics used to be really good, but through my time there they started to trend downward. Again, if things begin to change, McMinn could very well be a respectable institution.
I went to McMinn for all four years of my high school career. Many teachers that I had did not help me whatsoever in getting me ready for college. However, there were a few select teachers that helped me tremendously! They were my personal references to get jobs and my references for getting a full college scholarship. Clubs and other activities are plentiful if you ask. Also, if there is not a club you want, you can easily create your own as long as you can find a sponsor. There has been a decent amount of diversity, but normally it winds up being a huge problem. There were countless fights based on racial stereotyping and the high school did not do much about it other than pulling the fighters apart. The building itself is falling apart. There are massive cracks in the walls and the bathrooms are outdated and just sad looking.
My school has a police officer assigned to it 24/7 yet even so there are many different illegal activities going on. The overall health and safety of the students is average.
There are many different sports and clubs represented at this school, however most of them do not receive the finding they deserve.
The school is great about protecting the students, but some try to get out of the safety , and are the reasons that some of the policies are in place.
The atmosphere is great, and if you get in with the right group then you should get along well with the people in the school.
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The teachers care about the students, especially if they care about what they are learning. If a student does not care about their work then they can have some trouble wi\th the teachers, but mostly the students try to do what is best, and try to stay out of trouble..
The school nurse is not usually there. There is one in the special education room but she is only there for a certain amount of time. The bullying is horrible. You cannot defend yourself either if someone comes after you. The school has done some updates but there are no windows in the classrooms, just in the cafeteria. There was only one SRO and a probation officer in the school at any time.
There is nothing that makes this school unique. It is just like every other Southern school I skipped over. I thought it was bad at the Southern Michigan school I was attending through middle school. I would not choose this school because there is no diversity. You are judged for not being involved in sports because you may have to work, you are pushed aside if an athlete is in need before your struggling is taken care of, and their is too much racial violence. It is like an integrated school with the different groups of people. I did meet some of my favorite teachers here, but I would never go through it again.
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